Nick Jonas Concert Casting Notice Highlights Industry Racism, Is Super F*cked Up

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | May 27, 2016 |


Hoo boy.

“18-23 year old female models, mainly Caucasian or could have a bit of an ethnic flair, like Indian or South American. Ideal prototype is Emily Ratajkowski! We’re looking for girls that are that “Emily” type, super sexy, sensual, and GORGEOUS in a classic way and still a touch relatable. The kind of girls Nick Jonas would have a huge crush on, i.e., must be a knockout and have an incredible body. “

Well. So. If you have that hot bawd and an ethnic flair (but not too ethnic, please, be mindful) and need a sensual gig that uses the word “sensual” about three dozen times, by all means, go forth with your incredible possibly slightly ethnic BUT MOSTLY CAUCASIAN, PLEASE WORK ON THIS IN YOUR COURSES selves.

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