Let's All Collectively Gasp At The Monumental Shade Ronan Farrow Threw At Woody Allen
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Let's All Collectively Gasp At The Monumental Shade Ronan Farrow Threw At Woody Allen

By Joanna Robinson | Celebrities Are Better than You | January 12, 2014 | Comments ()

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It was rather a bumpy night for Woody Allen as he received a lifetime achievement award at The Golden Globes. On the one hand, you had Diane Keaton, who went full Manic Pixie Dream Hall to honor Woody with a little song. Seems like old times, no?


But no amount of precious, be-suited chipmunk scrunchface from Keaton could protect Allen from a full-frontal attack over on Twitter from the Farrows. First his ex-wife Mia fired off this snide remark right when the Allen tribute started:

Then her son, Ronan (alleged secret Sinatra) knocked this one out:

What it lacks in finesse it more than makes up for in HOLY CRAP. To put a capper on it, Mia tweeted this reminder of Allen’s alleged abuse:

So can we grab some ice cream and all stop talking about Lena Dunham’s bare ass now?

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  • Diane Keaton is apparently turning into Andy Warhol, at least if that gif is anything to go by.

  • dizzylucy

    I'm sure someone's already made the joke, but I did hear "he's been many things to many people" and my first thought was yes, a father AND a husband to some.
    I had no idea about the extent of his behavior beyond that situation though, only learned about it recently, so no more after that. Blue Jasmine will be the last Woody Allen film I see.

  • Danar the Barbarian

    I read this morning that Ronan Farrow made that same joke for Father's Day: "Happy Father's Day! Or in my family, Happy Brother-in-Law's Day!"

  • $78742978

    You know, good on him for not letting it go. It's crazy what we forgive or ignore in celebrities whose movies we like.

  • Lee

    Where is AW when someone deserves to be heckled?

  • Mrs. Julien

    Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, and Al Pacino have all won de Mille awards. Diane Keaton wins the award for most ex-boyfriends with major entertainment honours.

  • Steph

    Yeah, they missed out that part because it has nothing to do with his work as a filmmaker.

  • loo shag brolley

    I bet Dylan Farrow would disagree.

  • Jezzer

    If the allegations are true, fuck his work as a filmmaker. Do you decorate your living room with John Wayne Gacy clown paintings too?

  • Salieri2
  • Steph

    No, because I don't think they're very good. If they were I totally would though because I can objectively evaluate a piece of art without letting my opinion of its creator get in the way. Great art can be made by pieces of shit and boycotting it because of that is childish.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Would it not depend on the nature of the piece of shittiness? Is art for art's sake so sacrosanct that we will overlook truly reprehensible (proven) behaviour?

  • Sirilicious

    I think not long ago Dustin* said something about him being able to seperate the art from the artist (not about Allen), like that was the thing to aspire to. Let's not drag Hitler into this, maybe Zimmerman's flag painting is a nice starting point for this discussion.

    * I will now check my facts and hop back in with excuses if it was another Pajeeban.

    ETA: It was indeed Dustin, in the article about R. Kelly. He did make the distinction between appreaciating and supporting a persons art. I believe there is a line and a human being is not a robot. When an artist crosses that line (which is different for everyone), you can not look at his or her most beautiful piece without feeling revulsion. It is a part of the art.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I understand this in theory and, oddly enough, depending on the artist in question, sometimes in practice. It's a weird thing.

  • Sirilicious

    I don't think it is weird. Art is supposed to be about the emotions it evokes, not just cold objective review. And everything you know about the piece, the artist, the way it came about, the time period, the political climate et cetera, it is all a factor in how you perceive it.

    You don't (want to) know the artist is an asshole and/or criminal? Bless you(r heart).

  • Guest

    Yeah, exactly, art is about the emotions it evokes. It's still going to evoke those same emotions regardless of whatever crimes the artist commits outside of their art, I don't see how they even factor into the equation. Maybe it becomes difficult in a case like Allen's when the artist's unfortunate personal habits actually come through in their work, in say Manhattan, that's a valid reason to be put off. Still, only consuming art made by 'good guys' is just shooting yourself in the foot, you're missing out on a bunch of great stuff.

  • Jezzer

    No, you're not.

  • I don't know that I would characterize Allen's (alleged) behavior as 'an unfortunate personal habit.' Picking your nose in public is an unfortunate personal habit, what he's accused of falls somewhat outside of the phrase.

  • Sirilicious

    "I don't see how they even factor into the equation."

    Well, for a lot of people they do. Empathy. Look into it.

  • Steph

    Yep, doesn't matter. Appreciating the work of a rapist doesn't mean you endorse or are somehow complicit in rape. The art and the actions of the artist are completely unrelated.

  • Jezzer

    I see your point. What's a few cornholed toddlers if Steph gets to put on her best smug Art Glasses and do some snooty Appreciatin'?

  • Steph

    I'm not overlooking or excusing what he did, if these claims are true, his actions are indefensible. They just don't matter in this context, he was receiving an award for his films, not for being an upstanding citizen or whatever. Also, I'm a guy.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Also, your reply was remarkably sanguine given the provocation.

  • Mrs. Julien

    At the risk of sounding like the voice of reason, in spite of my whole-hearted agreement with you, "if" is the key word in your statement. Not that the entire movie Manhattan couldn't be entered into evidence as showing clear tendencies.

  • stardust

    Good for Ronan Farrow. Woody Allen is a monster and Hollywood constantly needs to be reminded of that.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I wanted to watch Blue Jasmine.

    Now I no longer want to after reading this.

  • mzblackwidow

    I have never been much of a fan of Allen's movies. Before and after his fame became infamy when he married his stepdaughter, I found his films really, really boring. Simple fact.
    Blue Jasmine IS Cate Blanchett. If not for her I suppose it would be another of his interchangable stories, but she literally makes this movie a masterpiece because she inhabits Jasmine so effortlessly that I was spellbound from beginning to end. Allen did not even occur to me (usually his "voice" is so overpowering in his films that one can't forget) but in this case, Cate did it. I have adored and admired her since the beginning of her career and I think it is a shame if people avoid watching "CB's Blue Jasmine" because WA's name is around somewhere.

    Really, that is how overwhelmingly great she is in this :)

  • Robert

    If you liked Woody Allen's questionable misogyny in films like Midnight in Paris, you'll love watching him torment two women for two hours because bitches be crazy, yo. Blue Jasmine: Like a Streetcar Named Desire with No Empathy for Any Female Character.

  • Sarah Weissman

    Which, geek tangent, is interesting, because I've heard Willaims' Southern Belles were potentially stands in for him. Especailly Blanch with her Alan Grey speech.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Yes, I found the "great roles for women" angle in Keaton's speech particularly noteworthy.

  • Stephen Nein

    I watched the entire thing flabbergasted. Keaton praising Allen, especially his, "150 great women characters that have nothing in common except they all came from his brain". The absolute utter lack of faces in the crowd unhappy at witnessing this adulation.

    Somewhere between $500M- $1.1B worldwide box office gross (unadjusted/adjusted), & 30-some awards nominations for the actors in his films buys you quite a bit in Hollywood.

    And we wonder why they also give Roman Polanski a pass?

  • kirbyjay

    I DVR all shows I want to watch and then turn them on about 30 minutes in to skip ads. I watched Diane Keaton on fast forward ( so she was Super Duper Manic Pixie Dream Hall ) because I will not be a party to Mr. Pervy being honored. Double YUCK!

  • emmalita

    It was weird and uncomfortable. And got creepier.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    It was a bizarre, rambling speech, when she started singing I was positively squirming, hoping she would stop.

  • annie

    And by "collectively gasp," you mean, "stand up and applaud," right?

  • llp

    I also am developing a serious, serious crush on Ronan Farrow.

  • Guest

    Lena Dunham has a "care ass?" What beloved children's toys will the hipsters make all dirty next?

    Edit: With edits, this post's already tenuous grip on sense and relatibility is GONE, JoRo!

  • fracas

    Ok, that's too much. I can't like Woody Allen any more.

    Knowing he had an affair with his teenage stepdaughter was one thing. But this is too awful. The poor girl.

  • I've never liked Woody Allen, so for once in my life, it appears I'm ahead of the curve.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I tried to watch Annie Hall when I came across it on cable. Tried. Couldn't. Hated it. Haaaated it. Hate most of the movies where someone is a stand in for Allen, or worse, he's playing himself.

    But Bullets over Broadway, I have to say, I love. It seems among his least Allen-y. And Matchpoint is decidedly non-Allenesque also.

  • cedarfalls

    Do you know what the first thing Mia Farrow did when she discovered photographic evidence that Soon-Yi and Woody were having an affair? Finish the movie they were working on together! Does that sound like the actions of a woman who genuinely believed her daughter had been abused by her partner?

    And it's worth noting that the accusation he abused Dylan came up during their custody battle, when parents obviously behave responsibly, speak nothing but the truth and go to extreme lengths never to poison their kids against each other. In the event the presiding judge in the case dismissed the accusation and warned Mia of making any others.

    None of which would make me see a Woody Allen film, but I'm uncomfortable with accusations of one of the most heinous crimes been thrown around by an obviously still hugely embittered ex without proof to back it up, sorry!

  • Bananapanda

    You're parroting Woody's attorney's argument. You need to go review this story b/c there was a long standing problem with Woody and Dylan. (Mia clearly has issues exposing her children to this monster but) Woody is a straight up pedophile. It came up during the custody hearing because you discuss children during those things.

    P.S. Maureen Orth is a very good journalist and deserves more than being known as Luke's mom.

  • Sirilicious

    Considering the 300 people that are employed by the movie losing their jobs and her pulling out not making things safer for the child, i can imagine it. Great decision? Probably not, but understandable.

    Most sexual abuse cases have no proof, should we all just dismiss them? Dylan later said he abused her.

    Disclaimer: I don't know what happened either, but feel comfortable looking differently at some of the things you say.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I get both sides of the story, and the hesitations on both. I think people can be afraid to rock the boat and that's why Mia might've continued on the movie. 300 people wouldn't have instantly lost their jobs though; it' so unionized that there would be contracts and minimums built in, and always the possibility of recast/reshoot.

  • Sirilicious

    Your voice of reason has absolutely no place in our back and forth. Thanks, Osara!

  • BlackRabbit

    It's okay, he's an award-winning "genius", They get different rules for stuff. If you're famous, who cares what you might have done in the past?

  • BAM

    What's the name of the club him and Polanski are a part of?

  • Al Borland's Beard


  • Guest

    I didn't see the Golden Globes; is Keaton saying "Roger Dodger" in that gif?

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