Kelsey Grammer Finds His Life's Work: Correcting Grammar on the Internet

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | June 30, 2014 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | June 30, 2014 |


Kelsey Grammer is a man on a mission. Earlier today, he joined twitter with the sole purpose of cashing in on his pun-ready name and correcting people’s grammar.

He started with the easy one. The one that bugs us all the very most.

And moved on to defend the poor apostrophe.

His fourth-ever tweet was to our very own JoRo. But of course he found nothing to correct. Only praise there.

How long before this joke gets old, do we think? Will he tire of it before then? Do we also think that maybe he tried this bit out in elementary school and got beat up a lot because of it? Well, who’s on the receiving end of the grammatical equivalent of a wedgie now, bullies?

Vivian Kane is sure she made at least one grammar/Grammer mix-up. There was much deleting and editing during this post.

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