Who Wore The Oval Office Couch Better, Kal Penn Or Kellyanne Conway?

By Victoria McNally | Celebrity | March 1, 2017 |


Okay, listen: you, me, and everyone else who can’t stop following every modicum of horrifying political news all know that the Kellyanne-Conway-sitting-on-a-White-House-couch thing isn’t actually that big a deal. Was it incredibly disrespectful, not so much to the furniture but to the dozens of historically black college leaders who were jammed into the Oval Office for a bewildering photo op that day? Yes, absolutely. Is it less disrespectful than about 68% of the stuff that comes out of Trump’s mouth on a daily basis? Probably not, no. Are we still going to focus on calling our representatives about the Affordable Care Act and Trump’s ties to Russia, even as we’re making snarky jokes? Of course we are.

But I suspect that none of the snark we can conjure up as mere civilians will come close to the level that Kal Penn is currently on:

Remember, in addition to being an actor in the now eerily upsetting ABC series Designated Survivor (the set of which is probably where this photo was taken), Penn also briefly held the title of Associate Director of Public Engagement during President Obama’s first term in 2009, where he worked specifically on outreach towards Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities. So think of this not as a ~Hollywood elite~ inserting himself into politics, but as a guy with actual civil service telling the people who now run his former workplace exactly what he thinks of them. Which is, you know, what we all think of them.

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