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Julia Roberts Gives Jennifer Aniston the Best Stink-Eye Since Sophia Loren

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | January 26, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | January 26, 2015 |

I love every single shot captured in this Daily Mail article, if not their ridiculous assumptions about what’s happening in them. Clearly something got both Jennifer Aniston and fiancĂ©, Justin Theroux a little emotional, but I doubt Jen started crying at the SAGs because she didn’t win. More likely the lovely Meryl said something incredibly sweet to her and Aniston is making that funny sad/happy face that happens when you feel dual emotions.

Now, we’ll get to Miss Julia’s glorious stink-eye in just a moment, but first, look at this. Justin is for real feeling Jen’s performance…Aaaaw!


And at some point, Meryl calls Jen over to congratulate her, or tell Jen she voted for her. Maybe something about “Hey, why don’t you guys come over for dinner?” ‘Cause that’s just how cool Meryl is.



But before Julia knew what was going on — she was sitting at her table, happy with being herself and all — next thing she knew, Jen was all up in her personal space and well, I think this look speaks for itself:


Take your stinkin’ paws off my Meryl, you damned, dirty…

Uh, I mean, just like we don’t know what got Jen all teary-eyed, all we can do is guess what was going on in Julia’s head at that particular moment. No worries, though — a minute later and she was all smiles.


Well, kinda.


*Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the Screen Actors Guild awards, so my version of events is entirely imagined.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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