Ian Somerhalder and Norman Reedus Had a Better Weekend Than Any of Us
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Ian Somerhalder and Norman Reedus Had a Better Weekend Than Any of Us

By Vivian Kane | Celebrities Are Better than You | March 3, 2014 | Comments ()


While we were all sitting around complaining about/marveling over the Oscars, Norman Reedus and Ian Somerhalder had a better idea. They were flinging beads off a parade float in New Orleans.


They were named Grand Marshalls of the Endymion parade, because what better representatives could you choose for anything than Daryl and Boone? Seriously, I challenge you.

The two took over Esquire’s Instagram account.

Which is fun, but not quite as entertaining as Paul F. Tompkins taking over Esquire’s Twitter account during the Oscars (he called out every “bow-tie” coward in that room!).

Norman is suspiciously absent from the Esquire page, but one look at his own posts gives us an indication of the state he may have been in.

It’s the state we would all be in, were we in New Orleans right now.

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  • Jamie Dello Stritto

    I was away doing the Mardi Gras thing, but now I'm here to say NORMAN RHEEDUS IS SOOOOO PRETTY IN REAL LIFE. And so is the back of Ian's head. I was a giggly school girl the whole night.

  • BobbFrapples

    I made an 8 hour drive to New Orleans this weekend, stayed awake for 48 hours, and had the biggest blast I have ever had. If you have never gone to MArdi Gras in NOLA, get your butt down there now. I will never regret my spur of the moment decision to go.

  • Green Lantern


    I lived in New Orleans for 18 years prior to Katrina, and can only echo your comment - I believe everyone should do Mardi Gras in New Orleans at least once. It's a life defining moment.

  • BobbFrapples

    Uh, Disquis made me make a new profile when I couldn't log in. I've fixed that, so this is the first and last post by my dopplganger.

  • Not better than this guy, though:


  • Mrcreosote

    Boy, there's nothing better than sitting at my desk at work, with multiple deadlines smacking me about the head and nethers when I'd much rather be along the parade route trying to get a coconut, cup, worthless string of beads or doubloon. Well, at least lunch today will have a cookie.
    Kill me now.

  • e jerry powell

    Well, it is that time of year...

  • Irina

    Boone? Really? Somerhalder's been on The Vampire Diaries for 5 years, and constantly the best part of the show.
    Yes I went all fangirl, and I'm not ashamed. Damon rocks.

  • jennp421

    Especially considering that he's wearing beads that say CW ...

  • I never watched either show, and even I knew TVD would be a more up to date reference.

    It is frightening how much I know about shows that I don't even watch.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Thank you for saying what I was silently shrieking in my head. :)

  • stella

    That's what I was going to say. I know we don't acknowledge teen shows here or whatever, but its been a few years..

  • Don't forget Hugh Laurie was King of Bacchus last night!

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I was going to say, where are HIS pictures?

  • Lucie

    Didn't get to see him at Bacchus but I caught him at Fess Fest back in November. The man loves New Orleans. He was clearly euphoric just to be there, listening to the music. It was beautiful.

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