Hot Canadian Actors to Celebrate on Canadian Film Day

By Jamie Righetti | Celebrity | April 19, 2017 | Comments ()

By Jamie Righetti | Celebrity | April 19, 2017 |


It’s Canadian Film Day and while we appreciate the incredible work of some of Canada’s finest directors - looking at you David Cronenberg, Denis Villeneuve, Xavier Dolan, and James Cameron (yes, I was surprised too) - let’s cut to the chase: our neighbor to the North has given us some fine folks to admire on the big screen. So let’s celebrate, shall we?


There have been plenty of reasons to love Ryan Reynolds over the years, but just when you think you can’t love him any more, he does something that makes you realize that yep, you can.


Oh, not just those washboard abs! We love how much he adores his wife, Blake Lively, and their two daughters. We love his cracking sense of humor, how he weirdly made Wade Wilson’s melted action figure face sexy, and how he really is a genuinely nice guy who can charm the pants off anyone he meets. Seriously, watch the press interviews for Life and see how Jake Gyllenhaal turns to goo around Reynolds. Us too, Jake. Us too.


Oh hey girl, did you think I’d forget Ryan Gosling? There’s plenty to love about the other Ryan, like his quirkiness, his musical side (we liked Dead Man’s Bones before La La Land, okay?), his dorky Disney dance moves as a kid. Ryan’s been the strong silent type in Drive, he’s made us laugh with his slapstick humor in The Nice Guys, and we love his on-screen chemistry with Emma Stone.


But we especially admire his relationship with Eva Mendes and his dedication to their two daughters. Although the couple are private, Ryan gave a special thank you to Eva at the Golden Globes Awards earlier this year and paid a touching tribute to her late brother in the process.

Oh yeah, and there’s also that little movie called The Notebook.


Maybe you dream about being kissed by Noah, but let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to kiss Rachel McAdams?


Rachel is hilarious, gorgeous and she’s an Academy Award nominated actress for her role as Sacha Pfeiffer, a Boston journalist trying to get to the bottom of a child molestation cover-up by the Catholic Church in Spotlight. She’s been the one woman to get to Sherlock Homes with her role as Irene Adler, she’s freaking Regina George, and she’s a total badass in True Detective Season Two as Detective Ani Bezzerides, one of the few reasons we kept watching the show.

Speaking of True Detective


Now that Dustin located Taylor Kitsch, we can celebrate Texas’ adopted son, Tim Riggins.


Seriously, the eyes, the smile, the lips, that hair. How could you not fall for Riggins? But outside of Friday Night Lights, Kitsch smolders in some truly steamy scenes with Blake Lively and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Oliver Stone’s Savages, he stepped into the Marvel Universe as Cajun sensation Gambit in X-Men: Origins, he rubbed elbows with Rihanna in Battleship, and even though John Carter wasn’t the smash success everyone hoped for, he still looked pretty good as a prisoner on Barstoom.


Glad to have you back, Taylor!

But like Vanessa Williams, I have gone and saved the best for last, because the greatest gift Canada has ever given to us obviously is Keanu Charles Reeves.


Think about it. He’s Ted, he’s Johnny Utah, he’s Neo, he’s Constantine and he’s John Wick, just to name a few. Then there’s Speed, Something’s Gotta Give, My Own Private Idaho (Keanu and River FOREVER), the cinematic gem that is Knock Knock (FREE PIZZA!)…I really could go on and on. He became one of the internet’s first memes with Sad Keanu, and he might be a vampire because seriously, how is this man 52 years old?



So, thank you, Canada, for bestowing such special gifts upon us and for giving us years (maybe centuries?) of fine actors to drool over!

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