Hideous Fatty Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped to be Worthy of Human Sight
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Hideous Fatty Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped to be Worthy of Human Sight

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | December 16, 2013 | Comments ()


The problem with Jennifer Lawrence is that she’s totally unrelatable, no one likes her and she’s disgusting. Don’t worry—Canada’s Flare Magazine is here to help.


I mean, straightening a wrinkled skirt? Totally. Darkening that fug belt? Whatevs. But…they moved her hairline. They gave her the cheekbones of Jocelyn Wildenstein. They lowered her collarbones. They slimmed down her fucking hand. What the shit, Canada? You’re supposed to be nice.

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  • Mw

    Someday, someone is going to knock Courtney Enlow's teeth out then we'll be able to laugh at her 'disgusting', 'fug' face. If she's lucky, another 'journalist/ Internet troll writer will write a pathetic commentary article on her but she shouldn't worry because karma's a bitch. I wonder if Jennifer Lawrence would find this funny, 'douches'.

  • e jerry powell

    After what they did to Kerry Washington earlier this year, I'm calling it: Flare is the worst. OF. ALL.

  • Guest

    Why has this image started popping up again? It's a magazine cover from 2011 and I've been seeing it everywhere lately?

  • Davis

    If most of these actresses didn't want to be Photoshopped they could
    demand not be photoshop, so stop making a big deal over some a bunch of

    Plus how can the average woman relate to this millionaire actress? She puts on a show and everyone falls for it even though she is just average, average looks and average talents.

    'Wahhhhh she's different she only signed up for the hunger games because she's wanted a challenge not because she wanted to be rich and famous'

  • bruce wayne

    she is remarkably relatable, that's a very big part of her appeal. what is your problem?

  • Davis

    Nothing just criticism sorry not everyone falls for her fake 'just like you' bullshit.

    The same people who love her are the people who think ryan gosling is their boyfriend because of notebook

  • laylaness

    And the only thing they did to her breasts is remove a mole. Trust, I stared for a good, long time.

  • LookieLookie

    They made her breasts more full on top. And other edits make them look more perky.

  • foolsage

    Actually, they removed a mole and three freckles.

    Um. * whistles innocently and goes back to work *

  • Luke

    I'd like to point out that Photoshop was a main point in last weeks amazing South Park finale

  • Andrew

    God, I wish I was that ugly.

  • Todd Sikkema

    I'll be in my bunk.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Her slight imperfections and natural beauty sicken me!

  • jon29

    If you think those changes are drastic, I have very bad news for you about the woman on the cover of EVERY OTHER MAGAZINE EVER.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Let that be a lesson to never fuck with us! WE WILL SHOP ALL YER WIMMENZ!

  • Mike Stevens

    Oh thank fuck, she looked terrible before.

  • Helo

    Hideous. I feel compelled to do her a favor and marry her just so the poor thing won't have to face the endless winter of being single that would only add pressure to her already burgeoning career and possibly cause her to cope with the caving walls by mainlining all the crank in Appalachia AND The Ozarks and causing her to withdraw from the blisteringly harsh limelight of public life and give way to shallow E! entertainment television specials asking "Where's Jennifer Lawrence now?" that feature the narcotics addled visage of a once promising career and Mackenize Phillips like tone of regret in every spoken syllable.

    (You may all thank me later for saving her career.)

  • BWeaves

    It's the collar bones that are really freaking me out. WTF?

  • NateMan

    I just... I don't get it. I'm a big fan of playing with Photoshop. Contrast and lighting stuff can be a huge improvement and vastly make a photo of a person 'better' in ways that are totally legitimate to me. You want to give the kind of depth to J-Law's cleavage that I would see (and drool over) in real life by bumping up the contrast? Fine. Want to get rid of an unsightly pimple? I would too! But I don't get changing people's dimensions.

    Edit: I'd add that the changes to her right hand are pretty standard. You've got one hand held down low, it's going to look swollen and red from blood pooling. That seems like an okay change, because you're making it look more 'natural'. The others are just weird.

  • Adam Borden

    The depths of which they changed her in this photo are actually remarkably shallow compared to what they usually do. It's actually a credit to Laurence that the two are not THAT different. Some of the things I've been asked to do to a person with photoshop? Makes this article seem a bit silly.

  • basse buus

    I have once been asked to photoshop a face tattoo away. I wish I was kidding, but sadly not. Great model for a pamphlet though!

  • chanohack

    Didn't this happen like a year and a half ago?

  • Uriah_Creep

    The GIF showing the changes they made just turned up recently, so the story is current.

  • Pawesl

    They have to get their daily Lawrence story in some how.

  • logan

    Stole the comment from my fingers. I find myself starting to dislike her just because this site that I visit everyday tells me how great she is everyday. I know its wrong but...

  • Guest

    Slow news day I guess...

  • BWeaves

    Yeah, only 4 major movie stars died.

  • Repo

    Nothing to faux stomp our feet and rage post over on that I guess.

  • When you have someone on your cover who doesn't require any help to be drop-dead gorgeous, don't fuck that up with photoshop. It's like some sick compulsion with these people: "just a little darker/thinner/longer/etc." Stop it.

  • NateMan

    Darker is okay. That's pretty much making the contrast in colors what you would see in person. the thinner\longer is the real problem.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    Sigh, elongated neck, seriously trimmed shoulders and arms... what a bunch of muppets.

  • Guest

    Yet her boobs stay pretty much the same. You can't improve perfect even with Photoshop.

  • Sirilicious

    Alas, look closer (you won't mind i guess). More shadow up top to make them seem more porny/big.

  • Arran

    They removed a couple of moles, though, because moles on boobs make people vomit in the streets.

  • chanohack

    I thought that too, when my girlfriends were freaking out about this on facebook a while back. I wasn't sure all my female friends would have been completely comfortable with my pointing out the GLORIOUS BOOBIES that cannot be improved because they are FLAWLESS.

  • bastich

    Unless they had added a THIRD boob! Then we would have had perfection!

  • Guest

    No third boob.

  • John G.

    we must protect the eyes of consumers from the scourge of ... fat ..... hands???

  • SamuraiShampoo

    You do realize they do this with everyone, right?

  • NateMan

    Yes, but the question being asked is 'Why'?

  • Yes. But that doesn't make it not stupid and it doesn't mean it shouldn't be called out, especially when gif-ified for ease of viewing.

  • Kelli

    Yeah, looking back at your last 3 posts... Beyoncé changed the game by not promoting an album (and doing what Radiohead did 5 years ago), Ed Helms is not as funny as Leslie Nielsen (wow. A revelation.) and Justin Bieber was mean to a fan (according to an uncorroborated account from a hotel guest). Maybe up your game a little?

  • SamuraiShampoo

    You didn't call anything out, you just took a gif and added some sarcastic comments. This seems much more like an excuse to post about Lawrence for the umpteenth time, rather than anything of substance.

  • 0ur0boros

    If you're looking for substance, why are you at a site about pop culture and celebrities?

  • JustOP

    Because that isn't all what this site is. What brought me to this site many years ago was intelligent snarky commentary, the fantastic film reviews and tv recaps and the odd filler article. Whilst the site may have changed over the recent months (for better or worse? IMO slightly worse), there is still a number of quality articles posted. Unfortunately this isn't one of them.

  • jthomas666

    You say that as though it were a bad thing.

  • Guest

    I apologize on behalf of all Canadians.

    *Flare is owned by Rogers Communications which is like AT&T north of the border.

  • BlackRabbit

    I thought perhaps it was owned by J.J. Abrams.

  • Joey.blowey


  • Enarra

    No, really, blame Rogers. It's easy 'cause they're horrible.

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