Here's a Video Of Baby Lin-Manuel Miranda Being A Nerd, You're Welcome

By Victoria McNally | Celebrity | March 1, 2017 |


Today in Lin-Manuel Miranda news (because let’s face it, we know why you come to this website), the Hamilton composer has given us a gift. Remember how painfully and viscerally relatable his Crucible Cast Party SNL sketch was, fellow theater nerds? Well, here’s the real thing: baby high-school-aged Lin, wearing a tie like a nice boy and absolutely killing it in the way that only a little nerd who hasn’t yet developed shame can do. You go, little nerd.

There are so many things to love about this: the fact that Lin now has the exact same hairstyle that he did as a 14-year old, for example, or the fact that none of the adult partygoers around him are reacting at all to this performance. But I think my favorite thing of all is the gratuitous back-and-forth camera zoom a la The Burbs:

Thank you so much, Lin. This video has brought a supple glow to my skin and watered all my crops.

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