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Guy Fieri and His Hairdresser Brawl. We Attempt to Uncover the Possible Reasons

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | October 30, 2013 | Comments ()

Inexplicable celebrity chef and all around assbag Guy Fieri got into a full-on drunken fist fight with his hairdresser at the airport. According to TMZ, a source described the fight as “dudes being dudes.” Guy’s rep said, “A bunch of guys were messing around. Things got a little out of hand, but they’re all good now.”

So, it’s just another case of bro-on-bro violence. Sigh. When will these fights end! Will no one think of the douchebags?!

Using our highly-technical detective work, we may have some photographic reasoning for their fight.


guy fieri.jpg







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