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George Clooney Got Into a Profanity-Fueled Shouting Match with a Hotel Tycoon Over an Obama Insult

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrities Are Better than You | April 24, 2014 | Comments ()


Don’t you love it when wealthy people fight? They’re just like us when it comes to politics! The altercation took place a couple of weeks ago at the Botero Restaurant inside the Wynn Hotel, owned by hotel tycoon Steve Wynn. Apparently, Wynn called Obama an asshole, and George Clooney took issue. The incident ended with Clooney — drunk from tequila shots — dropping an F-bomb and stumbling away.

Though the altercation was not heavily reported at the time, both men have since come out and made statements the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the incident.

Here’s Clooney’s, via his publicist:

“There were 9 people at that table…So you can ask them…Steve likes to go on rants…HE called the president an asshole… that is a fact…I said the President was my longtime friend and then he said ‘your friend is an asshole.’ …At that point I told Steve that HE was an asshole and I wasn’t going to sit at his table while he was being such a jackass.

And I walked out. There were obviously quite a few more adjectives and adverbs used by both of us. Those are all the facts. It had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with character.”

Wynn’s account differs:

“[Clooney sat] down and started talking about the Affordable Care Act, and that’s when I spoke up,” said Wynn, a frequent critic of Obamacare. “He didn’t like that either. I think my discussion about the Affordable Care Act was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“When he’s drinking, he considers himself a close personal buddy of the president.

“He got up and said, ‘I don’t have to listen to this (expletive) stuff. The only person who got excited at the table was George, and he ran off to another bar.”

Clooney’s partners were “mortified,” Wynn said.

“Clooney’s fun to be with when he’s sober,” Wynn added. “If you have a chance to drink with him, you want to get there early, and don’t stay late.

“Everybody who’s in my business, the casino business, knows to take actors with a grain of salt.”


Though I’m sure the stories meet somewhere in between, I’m going to side with Clooney anyway, because I like his politics, he’s better looking, and like me, I also think I’m great friends with the President when I’ve been drinking.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal via Vanity Fair

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  • VohaulsRevenge

    Were the accounts filmed differently?

  • L.O.V.E.

    Oh, a game of "What Did The One Pretentious Asshole Say To The Other Pretentious Asshole?" How fun.

  • amberdragonfly

    Oh, how this stings my little republican heart....then again, you don't have to side with Clooney to jump his bones, right?

  • abell

    No, no you do not

  • Ricky, Bubbles & Julian

    I wonder if Wynn knows more about the effects of the ACA than does clooney

  • bastich

    Isn't Clooney now obligated to gather eleven other guys together and then break into Wynn's hotels to steal his fortune?

  • L.O.V.E.

    And win back that horse he loves so much.

  • _Alexander_

    Is that Wynn guy trying to say that it was just a one night stand and Clooney means nothing to Obama? No wonder he got mad

  • Stephen Nein (Idiosynchronic)

    Steve Wynn is on record for being a much bigger asshole long before this.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    “Clooney’s fun to be with when he’s sober,” Wynn added. “If you have a
    chance to drink with him, you want to get there early, and don’t stay


    When I drink, I like to think I'm best friends with everyone that talks to me that night.

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