Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Brilliantly Use the Evil Power of the Paparazzi for Good

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | June 18, 2014 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | June 18, 2014 |


What do you do when you’re one of the most popular, photogenic, and young couples in Hollywood, and you know that the paparazzi follows you around everywhere you go: To restaurants, to grocery stores, to ball games, to Starbucks, to annual check-ups with your physician?

Well, you could ham it up for the camera, and give the paparazzi what you want. Or, you could ignore the paparazzi and hope they go away (they won’t). Or you could do what Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have done, which is to use the power of the paparazzi to highlight some important charitable organizations.



Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do:


(and don’t forget:)


Here’s to the stuff that really matters. Have a great day!

Well done, Garfield and Stone!

via FilmDrunk

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