Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech Is a Thing of Beauty
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Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech Is a Thing of Beauty

By Vivian Kane | Celebrities Are Better than You | February 15, 2014 | Comments ()


Tonight Ellen Page gave a speech at the Human Right Campaign’s “Time to THRIVE” Conference. The entire speech is beautiful, eloquent, and deeply honest. She touches on her own qualms as a representative of “an industry that places crushing standards on all of us,” and she honors the members of the HRC:

I’m inspired to be in this room because every single one of you is here for the same reason. You’re here because you’ve adopted as a core motivation the simple fact that this world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another. If we took just 5 minutes to recognize each other’s beauty, instead of attacking each other for our differences. That’s not hard. It’s really an easier and better way to live. And ultimately, it saves lives.

And then:

I’m here today because I am gay. [Break for standing ovation.] And because maybe I can make a difference. To help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I have a personal obligation and a social responsibility.

Why the hell am I still talking? Watch the whole thing. It really is a thing of beauty.

You can also read the full transcript here.

Vivian Kane can be found happy-crying most days here.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • becky411234

    Why would it affect her career negatively? Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general has already glorified homosexuality and mentioned it everywhere even though only 2 percent ar ACTUALLY gay or in the closet. I know there is bullying, and I know that it is still a huge problem but why is she talking like she is at a "Save the Hungry Foundation" or Bullying in general in which would help and affect a whole lot more people.

  • She's amazing!

  • Adam Matthews

    amazing speech! she's is awesome!

    shit is hitting the fan in ireland at the moment because of this speech by Drag queen Panti! - its also an amazing speech!


  • loo shag brolley

    WOW. That's just... wow.

  • hapl0

    You omitted the best part of her speech which was right after and right before your selections,

    "Then again, it can be the hardest thing. Because loving other people starts with loving ourselves and accepting ourselves. And I know many of you have struggled with this. And I draw upon your strength and your support in ways that you will never know."

  • candace hathaway

    "You have these ideas planted in your head, thoughts you never had before.."
    Did anyone else shout "inception!" at that part?

  • Sean Murphy

    Maybe it was Aiden talking(Beyond Two Souls reference).

  • BlackRabbit

    I thought Colossus was supposed to be the gay one.


    Ha! I was just thinking how appropriate it is that Ellen Page plays Kitty Pryde, with all of her penchant for giving equal rights speeches. (From "God Loves, Man Kills")

  • Temmere

    That's not God Loves, Man Kills. A quick search makes it look like New Mutants #45.


    Really?! Oh man, I'm gonna have to check in my stash of old X-Men. Thanks...

  • poopnado

    What a classy, gracious, amazing way to come out. I ugly cried.

  • John W

    Kudos to her.

  • Alanis Morissette now has company on my Celebrity BFF-Crush List.

  • Alberto Cox Délano

    Wonderful! This reminds me though of all that hoopla on whether she and Alexander Skarsgaaaaarrrdd were dating: Yo tabloids, sometimes a man and a woman can be friends and just hang out without having sexy, sweaty, odd-paired sex, regardless how much some may or may not be picturing it. Loves.

  • Dumily

    So they weren't banging? Because I would not be able to handle that much jealousy. You can't look like she does, be this eloquent and bang Eric Northman. Leave some for the rest of us, Page.

  • Well played, Ellen Page, I always knew I liked you. You found your voice here. May you be rewarded again and again.

  • kirbyjay

    slow clap......
    I think I will use her quote about being less horrible to each other whenever I encounter haters on the internet. Instead of battling them comment by comment and insult by insult ( not that I do, I hate it when I see a flame war) I will ask them to try to be less horrible to each other. If it sinks into just one thick skull....
    Good for her for coming out. She's right. Everyone should be able to experience their own kind of love.

  • emmalita

    About those haters, there is an article in the Washington Post about a Canadian research study that shows a high correlation between trolling and "everyday sadism and psychopathy."

    About Ellen Page, she is lovely, thoughtful and articulate.

  • ClementinaFennelly

    Ellen page looks so beautiful and charming.she is so very nice thought.

  • That was a really great speech and her trying not to cry almost made me cry. Even with her relatively low profile and the (admittedly funny) skewering she previously gave the rumors about her, it was obviously very hard for her. It is sad that, as independent and not-Hollywood as she is, even she felt pressure to hide this about herself. This was a fine Valentine's Day gift to herself and others.

    May we all soon have the day when the most negative thing said about someone coming out is "well, there goes my shot."

    EDIT: By the way, there goes my shot.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    We're definitely making strides. The reaction to this and Michael Sam have been mostly positive in their respective professions and the overall community.

    Of course, I was at work and see Fox News talking about the one football player who had a problem with it.

    Unrelated side-note: Why is it that some straight athletes think that a gay guy in the locker room means he's only there to see their junk? Seriously, they've worked their whole lives to reach this level of competition and it was all with the ultimate goal of being in a locker room full of uncovered penises, like they couldn't have just joined a fucking gym.

  • By the way, there goes my shot.

    THIS. More power to her.

  • Bad Superman

    Hold-on, the room is spinning.

  • Clark Kent

    That's probably from a combination of Gus Gorman's fake kryptonite and that dive bar whiskey.

  • Wrestling Fan

    That was an incredible moment.

  • Blake Shrapnel

    Now nothing shall stand between me and Skarsgård!

  • RollandsOwn

    Stellan or Alexander?

  • Sean

    I am thinking perhaps Skarsgard might be the next to come out.

  • Dumily

    I respect your position, but I will cut you if need be.

  • Blake Shrapnel

    Mace! I'VE GOT MACE.

  • Jim

    Yum - I've got a wonderful sugar and mace cookie recipe.

  • Edwina the Magnificent

    That was beautiful.

  • lowercase_ryan

    *mother of all standing ovations*

  • Maddy

    I actually just cried. I love her and wish she was in more movies.

  • Sean

    Weird, as I thought she came out years ago.

  • So you're telling me there's a chance...

  • competitivenonfiction

    That's a big part of what I'm thinking... I might be straight, married and in Canada, but I don't even care!

  • loo shag brolley

    Love her, love the speech, love the bravery, love all of it. And on St. Valentine's day, no less!



  • bastich

    I don't remember what song they were dancing to in the movie, so I'm watching this while playing the "Peanuts" theme song. SNOOPY DANCE!

  • loo shag brolley

    The beauty if this gif is that it will synch up to just about any mid-tempo song.

  • junierizzle

    Good for her. So much for marrying her, but good for her.

  • Ofir Fishkin

    good for her

  • vic

    Good for her! I wish her every happiness. I swear, though, if this affects her career negatively, I will be all kinds of enraged at the entertainment industry. I mean...more than I already am. Sigh.

  • I seriously doubt this will affect her career negatively.

  • Guest

    I don't. Bigots have ticket money too.

  • BlackRabbit

    I don't, sadly. Some people will not be able to see past it.

  • RollandsOwn

    as long as the right people do, it´ll be alright. Look at the other Ellen, she´s doing fine.

  • Great actor. Even more of a fan now that she's had the nerve to come out. I'm confident that this will mean no more for her than being accepted for the real Ellen.

    She's still on my 5 freebies.

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