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David Arquette Got Kicked Out of Justin Bieber's Birthday Party

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | March 17, 2015 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | March 17, 2015 |

David Arquette, who is 43 years old, was kicked out of Justin Bieber’s 21st birthday party. This is the saddest collection of words I’ve ever heard. I’ll go on.

So, little Joffrey Boober had a birthday party at a club in Vegas. By the by, he was paid $500,000 to do this. THAT IS SO MANY DOLLARS. You know what I got for my 21st birthday? I DON’T REMEMBER BUT PROBABLY NOTHING AND DEFINITELY NOT $500,000.

Biebsicle took the party upstairs to the lush “Hangover” suite which I assume means it’s the suite from the movie The Hangover but could also be a place where you contract or endure hangovers. I’ve not done the research on this matter. Anyway, Arquette was there looking “pretty messed up” according to Page Six and started shit-talking the tiny baby big man birthday boy.

The witness said: “Justin heard what David had been saying, and threw him out of his suite with the help of a friend, because they didn’t have security up there. Somehow David managed to get back in and rushed at Bieber to take him out. There was a confrontation, then other people got in the way to separate them. David was thrown out again, this time for good.”

I just jumped to Wikipedia to see what David’s been up to in the years since his split from Courteney Cox and discovered this: “Arquette became a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, an angle that has been cited by wrestling commentators as being pivotal to the degradation of the title and the demise of WCW.” That’s part of the introduction to his whole page. So things aren’t great. In 2011, he said he’d been sober nine months. Clearly, he’s off the wagon.

This story is several different kinds of sad. Embarrassing sad, confusing sad, sad sad. Just a lot of sad.

Moral of the story: stay away from Justin Baybay. He thinks he’s a big boy and will try to fuck you up. It looks a lot like this, but he might get one to your eye and then you’ll get an eyelash and it’s a whole thing.


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