Chris O'Dowd Sheepishly Admits to Pulling the Meanest Long Con on His Newborn Son

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | May 6, 2015 | Comments ()

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | May 6, 2015 |


This is all at once, both terrible and wonderful. Adorable (who could ever be mad with this guy?) comedian and IT Crowd-er, Chris O’Dowd recently became a father. His baby son is only 15 weeks old, and already the victim of a well-planned Daddyprank. But the best part may be that a) O’Dowd hasn’t even told his wife, and b) his delightfully embarrassed demeanor as he tells Conan about the long con his son won’t even discover until he’s “14 or 15.”


Mean, mean, mean! But also damned clever and hilarious. Can you imagine this poor kid’s reaction?

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