Chelsea Handler Rips on Britney Spears and her "Two Personalities"

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Chelsea Handler Rips on Britney Spears and her "Two Personalities"

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | November 27, 2013 | Comments ()


*takes off hoop earrings*

In a rather impressive act of picking only the most low-hanging fruit, Chelsea Handler took a short break from calling Angelina Jolie a homewrecking whore to make fun of a mentally ill woman. Comedy!

With a blatant lack of understanding how lyric videos work, Chelsea Handler blasted Britney Spears, asking “how can you have a career when you’re not doing anything?” This was officially the most ironic statement to ever be uttered on the E! network.

According to Radar, after showing a short of the lyric video for “Perfume” on Chelsea Lately last week, Handler referenced the song’s love triangle, saying, “Yeah, [Britney], the guy you’re with and your two personalities makes three.”

She then said, “They’re not even putting her on camera now,” which is how lyric videos work.

I clearly have strong Britney feelings. I love her. I also think making fun of people with crippling psychiatric disorders is lame and, frankly, easy. But easy is pretty much Handler’s schtick, never shying from the obvious joke. Comedy is subjective, and my opinion is that, subjectively, Handler is about as funny as a pediatric burn ward.


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  • Welldressed

    I actually think that Chelsea is funny. This was just a not funny joke, they can't all be gems. She's not Jay Leno, who is never funny. I'm defending her, not the joke. And for the record JAY LENO IS NEVER FUNNY. EVER. THAT IS MY THESIS.

  • Boothy K

    If Britney is really mentally ill, she may be on some powerful anti-psychotic medication that could be affecting her ability to express herself like she used to. And she might seem like a zombie because of them...them's can be powerful drugs. Leave Britney alone!

  • Hazel Dean

    Ugh, we accidentally caught, like, an entire two minutes of her show after the Soup ended and we couldn't find the remote control. She is aggressively unfunny.

  • Emm82

    Sometimes we look at Britney and think she didn't stand a chance, but she's still here bless her! I'm betting she's also funnier than Chelsea Handler.

  • Salieri2

    Cheap and cruel: how Toshy.

  • Kristopher R

    Chelsea Handler is the laziest 'comedians' since me. And I refuse to try and be a comedian.

  • Handler is not funny. She's just not. It's not about women not being funny, because there are plenty of funny women. She's just not a funny PERSON.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    *reaches out to hold Courtney's earrings*

    I believe Britney has been through a lot of shit. And I fear a Michael Jackson type descent into complete madness may be in her future, so it doesn't make me laugh when people feel the need to point out the obvious "Britney is crazy".

    Leave Britney alone y'all.

  • Some Guy

    Which one of Handler's personalities made the comments? Drunk Handler or Not-Sober Handler?

  • ... Chelsea Handler blasted Britney Spears, asking “how can you have a career when you’re not doing anything?” This was officially the most ironic statement to ever be uttered on the E! network.

    Frame this.

  • e jerry powell

    Nah, she could have said it about Giuliana Rancic. THAT would have been more ironic.

  • Davis

    This woman isn't funny, i know it isn't a major burn but seriously she is the least funniest comedian to be so successful since Dane Cook. Plus people need to stop making out to be the female Howard Stern. What Chelsea you like black men? Interracial dating 2013 you rebel Chelsea... What Chinese people are short? Shit did you think that up yourself Ms Handler?

  • Alex Kuhn

    Chesea Handler always thinks she's being cleverly snarky and risqué, but she's really just a mean-hearted, unfunny person

    I watched the first couple of minutes of an episode of "Chelsea lately" last week when I couldn't find the remote after "The Soup" ended. Watching her stumble through her opening monologue was painful. She must has messed up 10-15 times in two minutes, which for a "stand-up comedian" is pretty awful.

    What I'm saying is, Chelaea Handler has no room to talk.

  • $3647259

    "I watched the first couple of minutes of an episode of "Chelsea lately" last week when I couldn't find the remote after "The Soup" ended."

    I stopped watching E! Network altogether so that would never happen to me again.

  • John G.

    agree completely on Chelsea Handler, but the Chelsea Handler show is ok, because of the other people on panel and some really good writers. Though, I haven't watched it in quite awhile. Handler herself, though, is a disgusting waste of space and should not be criticizing anyone.

  • Shut Up Already

    "Crippling psychiatric disorders"? What?

  • Mz Black Widow

    what he said ???

  • psykins

    It's fairly well-accepted by those in the gossip blogosphere that Britney likely suffers from a myriad of psychatric problems. She's currently under legal conservatorship, as several judges have determined that she cannot make healthy decisions about her finances or personal life.

  • Vin

    I think Britney leaves herself open for ridicule when she keeps being put up for show having put forth almost zero effort since about 2007. She does nothing because she still receives admiration for doing the absolute bare minimum. I miss old Britney who had some fire behind her eyes. Current zombie Brit is little more than a puppet. Her team need to just let her fade away as its pretty clear she doesn't want to do this anymore. My two cents. Chelsea does need to google lyric vids if she's gonna ridicule though.

  • bastich

    Where's Chris Crocker when we need him? Doesn't he have a "Britney-Signal" we could use to call him for times like this?

  • e jerry powell

    Making gay bareback porn with his now-ex-boyfriend, last I heard.

    I saw the movie.

    Life is too short for boring porn, particularly from YouTube demi-celebrities.

  • John G.

    wow, did you remember his name, or have to look it up?

  • bastich

    He's still the first result that pops up when you search "leave britney alone" in Google Images. That's the way I found his name...yep, that's definitely it....

    /hides Chris Crocker CD, poster, action figure, love pillow

  • lowercase_ryan

    Watching someone fight to stay relevant is like watching someone in a hideous outfit pass you going the other way on an escalator.

  • AvaLehra

    I totally got you were saying.

  • lowercase_ryan


    I sincerely appreciate that :)

  • mairimba


  • lowercase_ryan

    Idk, it made sense at the time. Don't pick on the mentally impaired, can't you read?

  • jon29

    Boy, now I know how the pilgrims felt.

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