Blake Lively Says Things, Frolics in a F**king Meadow

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Blake Lively Says Things, Frolics in a F**king Meadow

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | November 6, 2013 | Comments ()


“I’m lucky to have an active lifestyle,” Blake tells Vogue Paris (via Just Jared).



“I’m always on the go. I don’t need to have a (trainer) or pay attention to what I eat.



“I can’t start my day without a cup of hot milk chocolate or finish without crunching a few dark chocolate squares. It’s good for my morale.”



Keep in mind, when announcing her new lifestyle company, this is the same person who said, “I have so many passions outside of acting and things that I grew up being good at and that I don’t utilise when acting. Acting was something that my family did so I just kind of got into it by default, but there was so much that I cultivated, thinking that I wouldn’t be an actor.”

Neat. Good for you.


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