Analyzing the Adorableness of the 'Jane the Virgin' Cast's Twitter Accounts

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 18, 2015 | Comments ()

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | February 18, 2015 |

When it comes to combining their personal (or at least internet-personal) and professional lives, the cast of Jane the Virgin are a huge step ahead. Among the cast and writers, there’s a huge amount of live tweeting going on:

And question-answering:

Gina Rodriguez, Jane herself, answers a CRAZY amount of questions on Twitter, from the mundane:

To the professionally important:

To the personally important:

And let’s not forget the time she gave us all a lesson in open-minded acceptance when she let a fan teach her what feminism actually means.

But Justin Baldoni (Stupid Rafael) takes his internetting a step further with his preferred method of sharing major life events. Take, for example, his engagement announcement:

Or last week’s pregnancy annoncement:

But the cake-taker here has to be Jane’s father, Rogelio, who takes his Twitter VERY seriously. If you follow him, and have ever tweeted something complimentary, you may have received a personalized thank you message in response. If you have, I say that not to reduce your experience, only to expand his awesomeness. Jaime Camil not only plays the hands-down best character on the show, but seems to also have a full time job being awesome online.

His Twitter and Instagram are full of gratitude

(Really his Twitter is about 95% thanking people for things.)

Behind the scenes wonders

A segundos de empezar los @@goldenglobes, estamos aquí por tod@s ustedes… #Gracias! #JaneTheVirgin

A video posted by Jaime Camil (@jaimecamil) on

And personal excitement.

Scream if you're as excited as me and my daughter about TONIGHT's episode of #JaneTheVirgin! 9pm #TheCW

A video posted by Jaime Camil (@jaimecamil) on

Ultimately, while the show itself gives us crazy entertaining gifts every week…
It’s just nice to know that the love is reciprocated.

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