Allison Williams Got Engaged, and the 'People' Magazine Comments Section Offers Their, Uh, Congratulations?

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Allison Williams Got Engaged, and the 'People' Magazine Comments Section Offers Their, Uh, Congratulations?

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrities Are Better than You | February 27, 2014 | Comments ()


Girls’ star Allison Williams, who also happens to be the daughter of NBC anchorman Brian Williams, announced her engagement this week. The 25-year-old actress is set to marry her boyfriend of three years, Ricky Van Veen, a good-looking fellow who also happens to be the co-founder of College Humor.

When a celebrity actress — or anyone, really — announces her engagement, it’s a great time of celebration and good will. Surely, the Internet will rise above their disdain for Allison Williams’ intentionally distasteful character on Girls and wish her well. Certainly, the lovely people who visit the People magazine website — those earnest gossip hounds who fawn over beautiful wedding dresses and titter at the adorable dimples on those celebrity children — will have only the kindest, loveliest things to say about this happy moment in the life of a lovely woman who has not, by anyone’s account, ever said or done anything malicious in public.

Let the congratulatory comments commence [sic, throughout]:

  • There’ something about that girl that just irks me. It’s the same with Lauren Conrad. Idk..Maybe it’s the way they look. Or try to act so perfect. Remind me of those girls from high school. Allison and LC act like they’ve never left high school.

  • Beautiful girl. Terrible actress. Congrats to her, though.

  • TOP STORY!? LOL. Who edits this crap? Allison Williams (like Emma Roberts) is “notable” because of nepotism. The End.

  • who is she????? top story????? S L O W newsday

  • Another …nobody wanting to be noticed , please go away !

  • OMG, girl - are you enamored with your fifteen minutes of fame or what? I bet your serious newsman dad - is shaking his head in embarassment.

    Whatever, Allison Williams. Literally. Or better yet, Allison Wiliams - enough already. REALLY.

  • You’ve got to have a career before you can give it up. Let’s face it, she realized the HBO job was a gift from her dad. And so did every casting agent in Hollywood. She went for the money. A calculating, spoiled brat who is about as interesting as a piece of paper.

  • Don’t you have to have a career before you can walk away from one? Being on a show that is on HBO 8 times a year is not really a career. It’s more like a summer job.

  • What’s wrong with these kids getting married so young! It won’t last. A man and women should wait until their 30’s before taking that leap. They need to process growing up first to handle marriage.

  • Strong-jawed children are in their future.

    Source: People

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    • Robert Sanchez III

      What was wrong with the bottom two?

    • janeite1900

      This is my favorite one: "Don’t you have to have a career before you can walk away from one? Being
      on a show that is on HBO 8 times a year is not really a career. It’s
      more like a summer job."

      Right, three seasons on HBO, hardly a job. (Besides the fact that she does have a few other things on her resume).

      Cuz really, no one else even wants to be on an HBO series. I wouldn't do it. HBO was probably lucky to find an actress at all who wants to play Marnie.

    • amberdragonfly

      I would have taken pity on HBO and played Marnie, but those bastards didn't even ask me.

    • dilwazr

      I also find it interesting that the "nepotism" accusation only seems to roll out in the case of young women/when it suits the commenter. Hey! Here's a list of famous dudes with famous parents or relatives I've come up with off the top of my head:
      Michael Douglas
      Charlie Sheen
      Emilio Estevez
      Robert Downey Jr
      Nicolas Cage
      Kiefer Sutherland
      George Clooney
      In the case of men--and some women, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore--it just seems to be accepted that they're from famous families, not that they only got where they are because of nepotism. It just seems so obvious to me: it's pretty hard to get famous, so wouldn't it make sense that a lot of famous people have connections in the business?

    • e jerry powell

      If you're going to mention Nicolas Cage, you can't leave off Cousin Sofia Coppola, or Auntie Talia Shire.

    • dilwazr

      ...My point was that people rarely point out when male celebrities have famous parents or relatives?

    • e jerry powell

      ...I'm thinking down another list, but you're right.

    • dilwazr

      Look at this article! They mention TWO dudes:

    • Modernlove

      See, I'd say more snarky things about him, but that's because we went to high school together. It still shocks me that he is a) famous and b) landed a hot piece like that.

    • John W

      So how did people (not the mag) find out they were engaged in the first place? Did they make some kind of announcement via social media?

    • Mrs. Julien

      and titter at the adorable dimples on those celebrity children

      We've never done that on Pajiba.

      fawn over beautiful wedding dresses

      I do that. And I am hoping Cindy will be doing an Oscar fashion post.

      earnest gossip hounds

      Seriously, the irony is positively incandescent. But we're cool and derisive so it doesn't count for Pajiba, right?

      Hey Kettle! This is Pot. You're black!

      ETA: I appear to be extra bitch-scathy today. Not that I needed to point that out.

    • Tinkerville

      Sidebar. Do you watch Say Yes to the Dress? Because I need to admit my love for that show to someone who won't make me feel shameful for it.

    • My fiancee loves that show. She watches that and several other similar programs to the point where the Netflix algorithm probably thinks I'm schizophrenic.

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      That show is the best! ESPECIALLY the see-through fairy bodice dresses designed by Pnina! Oh and I love the brides with no budget. I think I would have choked if someone told me my wedding dress cost $10,000.

    • Mrs. Julien

      My favourite is when they request something elegant, try on something exquisitely vulgar, and think they are soooo classy.

      Also, I was dressed beautifully from head to toe in a custom silk dress for about $1,500. Who are these people who spend $15,000 and don't even get a custom dress? Answering that question and judging them for it gives me such joy.

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      My favorite dresses are the ones that have a 10-foot radius. How does your SO dance with you? How does anyone else fit in the pictures? Why does it cost $15,000 to layer crinoline?

      I don't know if you watch Say Yes To the Dress Bridesmaids, but the prices on those kill me too. I got everyone custom dresses for $120. My ladies would have punched me in the face if I suggested $300 pink satin that has visible pulls and weird bows.

    • alannaofdoom

      OH those Pnina dresses will not go away and it makes my soul hurt.

      Say Yes to the Dress is the perfect only-takes-50%-of-my-attention show. I can knit something complicated while I watch, and not feel guilty that I'm missing major plot points.

    • JK

      That show is the BEST. It is my favorite no-brainpower thing on TV.

    • Sara_Tonin00
    • e jerry powell

      Somehow I knew that was gonna come up. I didn't even have to click.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Although as the illustrious and never forgotten paddydog pointed out the name for Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta should include the phrase "Child Bride".

    • Mrs. Julien

      I watch it On Demand so that I can fast-forward through the trumped up narratives. I just want to see the dresses. Elaborate costume like that is rare and I am fascinated.

      Do you know these tumblrs?:
      http://hoop-skirts-and-corsets... (Oft NSFW)

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      Oh I enjoy a nice paddle around the shallow end of the pool, but I've rarely seen anyone on this site be cruel about a person's looks or innocuous personal life events.
      I don't particularly care for Girls, or the cast, but it wouldn't occur to me to say nasty things about a stranger's engagement (unless I'm drunk, then all bets are off).

    • pajiba

      I am certainly not suggesting that we don't do that, I'm merely suggesting that we don't do that AND ALSO trash a woman's engagement.

    • Mrs. Julien

      I see the distinction. Fair play to you.

    • stella

      Ok, I'm sorry, but the strong jawed children comment made me laugh.

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      As a granite jawed woman who married an equally robust jawed man, I must say, I kinda took that one as a compliment. A funny compliment, but still:
      Who wants a weak jaw?

    • Mrs. Julien

      When I was with child, Mr. J and I liked to say that at least we were sure our child would have a strong chin. He does. It's even cleft.

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      I salute your son and his awesome chin.
      My grandfather used to tell me "Cleft on the chin, devil within" which I'm about 70% sure was his way of complimenting me.
      Any child that has my DNA will look like Kirk Douglas or Gaston from the nose down. I'm fine with that.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Are you especially good at expectorating?

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      I eat a lot of eggs and am roughly the size of a barge...does that count?

    • Mrs. Julien

      I think we have to go to the tiebreaker. Answer carefully, this is for all the mandibles:

      Do you use antlers in all of your decorating?

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      I'm from Maryland. I use crabs in all of my decorating. Damn.

    • Mrs. Julien

      If for some reason, we move to MD to be near Mr. J's family in Annapolis, will you be my real life friend because you sound so cool and clearly have such a head for knowing.

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      I live and review right outside of Annapolis, I will be more than happy to be real life friends! I could use some more snark and wit in my circle of friends.
      I will even bring you a crab shell wreath for your imaginary future home.

    • Mrs. Julien

      I'm a Canuck and therefore contractually-obligated to festoon with maple leaves, or Leafs, salmon, Group of 7 artworks, and/or Anne Shirley, preferably all of the above.

    • ZbornakSyndrome

      I'll trade you some Anne Shirley for Old Bay and black-eyed susans!

    • Emilie

      that may be the most solid trade i've ever heard of.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      Yes, and also not a negative.

    • TK

      I got hung up on that one too. Hell, that may well be a compliment in my book.

    • Their kids could take a punch.

    • Amsterdamdave

      Those bitchy commenters should check out Williams in her guest role on Jake and Amir. She plays Cheryl, Amir's psychotic oldest friend (who is 50 for some reason), and absolutely kills it. Especially in Part 2.
      It's a crime that they didn't make at least three more of these. Perhaps Marnie is to blame.

    • Bert_McGurt

      Three thoughts:

      1) With a name like "Van Veen", I'm not surprised he ended up in comedy.

      2) Is there any mention of her giving up her career, or have these readers been in a coma for the past 40 years? (Pssst: lots of married women still have jobs guys.)

      3) "Another …nobody wanting to be noticed , please go away !"

      Hello, pot. Kettle's over yonder, actually.

    • Amsterdamdave

      Over here in The Netherlands, our most famous Van Veen (Herman) created a classic Dutch children's cartoon, Alfred Jodocus Kwak.
      It's about the duck Alfred who was raised by a mole named Henk. His girlfriend Winnie is a black duck, who speaks Afrikaans accented Dutch. And Alfred's archenemy is Dolf, part crow part blackbird, who is disgusted that he's only part crow and paints his orange beak black. He's a criminal, arms dealer, politician, dictator, and a thinly veiled caricature of Adolf Hitler.
      That show was a bit odd. But maybe that's inevitable when your last name is van Veen, I don't know.

    • JK

      I was trying to figure out why "Van Veen" sounded familiar. It's also the name of a protagonist in a Nabokov novel about incest!

    • Sara_Tonin00

      That Nabokov gent sure knew how to pick topics, eh?

    • Berry

      Oh my god! Alfred J. Kwak! I loved that show so, so much! I can still sing parts of the theme songs in Finnish. At least the one that played over closing credits, the one for opening credits is escaping me at the moment.

    • Amsterdamdave

      Oh wow, I'm just now learning that there was a Finnish version of it! And apparently there were many, many other translations. I never knew!
      Glad you liked it so much :-) I also have good memories about it, though some aspects of it didn't really click with me back then. Maybe I was still too young, I dunno.
      The theme songs! Yes, those are my clearest memories of the show, along with the accompanying images during the opening credits.

      This is probably the song you're refering to:

      And this was the opening song:

    • Berry

      Yes! Thank you, those have brightened up my morning considerably.

    • Legally Insignificant

      I think it would be funny if people reacted this way to local engagements.
      "Oh, Bill only got his assistant manager job at Wal-Mart because of his brother. He needs to grow up before he considers getting married."
      "Melanie has only won 2 beauty pageants. I don't see it."

    • janeite1900

      Can you expand on this? It's really funny. I want more.

    • Legally Insignificant

      I've been wracking my brain on this and I'm struggling to come up with any more. Here's the best of what I've come up.

      "Yeah, so John and Missi are getting married. Big deal. She let me get to second base junior year. Enjoy my leftovers."

      "Danny couldn't even hold his Yuengling at the bush parties in high school. I don't know what she sees in him. He moved out of town for college and thinks he's cool because he has a graduate degree. Well, he never comes back to the county, let alone the bar on Friday. What a loser."

      "I can't believe she's marrying someone who went to our rival school. You know she only met him because her dad teaches at that school. What a [sic] trader!"

      I hope these are just as good.

    • People Magazine readers complaining about the site's "Top Story" content just gave me a day-long laugh boner. What, are you mad that J-Lo leaving SweetFrog in Gucci yoga pants isn't getting the attention it deserves?

    • I know right? I didn't realize People's website had developed such a reputation for hard hitting journalism.

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