Allison Williams Got Engaged, and the 'People' Magazine Comments Section Offers Their, Uh, Congratulations?

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Allison Williams Got Engaged, and the 'People' Magazine Comments Section Offers Their, Uh, Congratulations?

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrities Are Better than You | February 27, 2014 | Comments ()


Girls’ star Allison Williams, who also happens to be the daughter of NBC anchorman Brian Williams, announced her engagement this week. The 25-year-old actress is set to marry her boyfriend of three years, Ricky Van Veen, a good-looking fellow who also happens to be the co-founder of College Humor.

When a celebrity actress — or anyone, really — announces her engagement, it’s a great time of celebration and good will. Surely, the Internet will rise above their disdain for Allison Williams’ intentionally distasteful character on Girls and wish her well. Certainly, the lovely people who visit the People magazine website — those earnest gossip hounds who fawn over beautiful wedding dresses and titter at the adorable dimples on those celebrity children — will have only the kindest, loveliest things to say about this happy moment in the life of a lovely woman who has not, by anyone’s account, ever said or done anything malicious in public.

Let the congratulatory comments commence [sic, throughout]:

  • There’ something about that girl that just irks me. It’s the same with Lauren Conrad. Idk..Maybe it’s the way they look. Or try to act so perfect. Remind me of those girls from high school. Allison and LC act like they’ve never left high school.

  • Beautiful girl. Terrible actress. Congrats to her, though.

  • TOP STORY!? LOL. Who edits this crap? Allison Williams (like Emma Roberts) is “notable” because of nepotism. The End.

  • who is she????? top story????? S L O W newsday

  • Another …nobody wanting to be noticed , please go away !

  • OMG, girl - are you enamored with your fifteen minutes of fame or what? I bet your serious newsman dad - is shaking his head in embarassment.

    Whatever, Allison Williams. Literally. Or better yet, Allison Wiliams - enough already. REALLY.

  • You’ve got to have a career before you can give it up. Let’s face it, she realized the HBO job was a gift from her dad. And so did every casting agent in Hollywood. She went for the money. A calculating, spoiled brat who is about as interesting as a piece of paper.

  • Don’t you have to have a career before you can walk away from one? Being on a show that is on HBO 8 times a year is not really a career. It’s more like a summer job.

  • What’s wrong with these kids getting married so young! It won’t last. A man and women should wait until their 30’s before taking that leap. They need to process growing up first to handle marriage.

  • Strong-jawed children are in their future.

    Source: People

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