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10 Internet Crushes You've Not Been Properly Nursing Lately

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26 Reasons to Love Abigail Spencer (and 'Rectify')

55 Reasons Why You Should Still Watch 'True Blood,' a.k.a. Eric Northman

66 Reminders That Justin Theroux Is More Than Just Jennifer Aniston's Boy

A Case Study In Hotness: Perfect Ten Edition

A Case Study in Hotness: The Thirst is Real Edition

A Complete History of Fat-Shaming Nicole Arbour's 'Dear Fat People' Saga

A Look Back Through The Years at Scott Foley

A Lustful Glimpse of 'The Walking Dead' Cast Members All Cleaned Up

Actresses You Didn't Know Were the Offspring of Famous Celebrities Edition

All the Dapper and Dashing Dudes at Tonight's London Hobbit Premiere

An In-Depth Investigation of Jennifer Lawrence's Awkwardly Sexy Photos

Are Jared Leto's Super-Buff Arms Enough to Make You Forget About That Last Stupid Promo Shot?

Based on Hotness Alone, Which Opening Movie of a Thousand Stars Should You See This Weekend?

Beard or No Beard: A Very Serious Pajiba Investigation

Beard, or No Beard? A Suitably Serious Study

Can Ryan Reynolds Be Considered a 'Movie Star' Now, Bill Simmons?

Can You Guess Who This 'Harry Potter' Actress Is Based on these Images?

Can You Identify These Familiar TV Actors Based on their Modeling Photos?

Christie Brinkley is Not of This World

Esquire Names Emilia Clarke 'Sexiest Woman Alive'; Topless Photoshoot Proves It

Every Straight Woman Will Understand This Post

F*ck, Marry, Falcon Punch: Grotesque Creatures Showdown

Forget Wolverine and Jean, Here's Why Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy Are the Best X-Men Love Story

Guess Which Actress Is the Only Commonality Between the Most Popular Summer Actors and the Pajiba Ten?

HALT, and Catch Yourself Gazing Longingly at These Gratuitous Lee Pace Photos

Happy Birthday to Us: Timothy Olyphant's 18 Presents to the World

Happy Birthday, Idris Elba!

Here Are 40 VERY SERIOUS Reasons Why Josh Charles Should Win an Emmy

Here's Jason Momoa Walking Around the Set of 'Justice League' Without a Damn Shirt

Hollywood Can't Seem To Find Hot Asian Actors, Allow Us To Help

Hollywood's 15 Best Instances of 'F*ck Me' Eyes

Hot Canadian Actors to Celebrate on Canadian Film Day

I Ate Lunch With Keira Knightley and Lived to Gloat About It

In the Immortal Words of No Doubt, Don't Speak: A Seriously Appreciative List

Investigate Your Friday Creepyweird Feelings: Is Macaulay Culkin Hot?

Is It Time To Rediscover Alexander Skarsgård?

It's Been a Horrible Week, So Let Birthday Girl Jennifer Lawrence Cheer You Up

Juliet Landau And James Marsters Are Probably Actual Ageless Vampires

Kids With Blunder Years Make More Attractive Adults. It's Pajiba Science!

Kit Harington Will Be Busy This Summer Not Filming 'Game of Thrones'

Kristen Stewart's Rolling Stones Video is Old-School Sexy AF

Laurence Fishburne Is Absolutely Fine, and Absolutely F-I-N-E

Leaving Game of Thrones for Narcos Has Made Pedro Pascal No Less Hot

Let It Snowpiercer: A Celebration of Tilda Swinton, the MVP of Summer's Best Movie

Let's Celebrate Stephen Amell's Birthday with a Serious Study of His Finest Assets

Let's Come Together and Fall In Love with Paul Rudd All Over Again

Let's Pour One Out for How Stylish the 'Moonlight' Cast Is

Natalie Dormer at Her Most Indecent is the Photographic Salve You Need After This Week

Power Ranking the GOP's Best Dad Bods

Quick, Let's Make Love Before You Die: Cusack, Spader or on the CuSp?

R.I.P. 'Fat Pratt': Our Favorite Chubby Andy Dwyer Moments

Rahul Kohli's Best Faces From 'iZombie' Season One

Ranking Jeff Goldblum Movies Based Solely On His Sexiness

Ranking the Most Memorable Jennifer Garner Costumes in 'Alias'

Six Celebrities That Should Be on (More) Magazine Covers

Slow Burn Crushes: We'll Show You Ours ...

TIFF Fashion: Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba Smolder; Elisabeth Moss Blazes; KStew Confuses

Taipei Reporter Asks The Tough Questions: Cap Ass Or Deadpool Ass?


The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016

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The Most Bunkworthy Movie Performances of the 21st Century So Far

The Sexiest Olympic Sport Isn't What You Think

The Thinking Person's Most Regrettable '90's Crushes

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These Pictures Of Pretty People Doing Things Will Distract You From The Election Coverage

Things We Are Thankful For: Paul Rudd and 7 Other Celebrities' GLORIOUS 80s Hair

This Is Why You Should Be Watching The Last Kingdom

This Week in 'Jesus Christ, Celebrities Are Hot'

Thor v Loki: Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston Fight For Your Affections

Thor's Chris Hemsworth Short Hair

Toshiro Mifune IS Charisma

Tracking the Hotness Evolution of Dan Stevens

What Childhood/Teen Crushes Actually Turned Out Pretty Hot?

What Do You Find So Sexy About Norman Reedus, Anyway?

Who Am I to Disagree: What This Thursday Really Needs Is a Little Hotness

Who Killed the Graphic Designer? Revisiting a Strange Trend in the Movie Posters of 1985

Who's the Most Attractive Celebrity Couple?

Why Does the Bleach Always Bring Out the Crazy?

Wish J.D. Was Here: Remembering the Zach Braff We Used to Love

You Can Have Pennywise; I Want to F&*k David Harbour's Hellboy

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