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'Mudbound' Was Shut Out from the 90th Academy Awards, Another Slight Against Filmmaker Dee Rees

11 Crappiest Movies Of Willem Dafoe's Career

6 Movies John Travolta Has Made In The Last 3 Years That You've Never Heard Of

8 Times Gwendoline Christie Made Huge Screen Presences Look Like Tiny Mortals

A Conversation with My White Male Privilege About Casey Affleck

A Love Letter To Rian Johnson's Debut Masterpiece, 'Brick'

A Quick Look at Jessica Chastain Before She Was EVERYWHERE

Amanda Seyfried Career Assessment

Angelina Jolie Career Assessment

Anne Hathaway Career Assessment

Ashton Kutcher Career Assessment | Twitter Star, Not Movie Star

Ben Affleck Career Assessment | A Chance to Take It to the Next Plateau

Benicio del Toro Career Assessment

Brad Pitt Career Assessment | As Soon as You Give Us the Money, D*ckwad!

Bradley Cooper Career Assessment

Brendan Fraser Career Assessment

Bruce Willis Career Assessment

Bryce Dallas Howard Career Assessment | The Whole is More than the Sum of the Parts

Cameron Diaz Career Assessment

Can Ryan Reynolds Be Considered a 'Movie Star' Now, Bill Simmons?

Celebrating The Greatest Movie Star That Ever Lived: Kevin Costner's 'Robin Hood' Turns 25

Clive Owen Career Assessment: Super Tiger Sex Commando & Unpredictable Box-Office Quantity

Colin Firth Career Assessment: My Career Has Just Peaked

Come Back To Us, Terry Zwigoff, Patron Saint Of Outsiders!

Dan Aykroyd Career Assessment | Ray Has Gone Bye Bye

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint Career Assessment: One Of Three Ain't Bad

Denzel Washington Career Assessment

Diane Lane Career Assessment | Wife For Life

Donald Glover, Or: Is It Possible To Admire Someone So Much You Actually Hate Them?

Farrelly Bros. Career Assessment: Spooge Only Shoots So Far

Gary Oldman Career Assessment: Simply A Bloody Good Actor

Geoffrey Rush Career Assessment: Characters Depraved and Themes Unwholesome at Best

Gerard Butler Career Assessment

Guillermo del Toro Muse Doug Jones, from 'Buffy ' to 'The Shape of Water'

Gwyneth Paltrow Career Assessment

Have We Quit Matt Damon Yet?

Heather Graham Career Assessment: License to Strip

Helen Hunt Career Assessment: Let's Jump Into The Final Frontier

Helena Bonham Carter Career Assessment | The Illusion of Effortlessness Requires a Great Effort

Hey Ryan Gosling, Here Are 5 Reasons We Need You Back In Our Lives

Hey, You Know Who's F**king Great? Noah Taylor

Hugh Jackman Career Assessment: Wolverine & I Are Done, Professionally

Idris Elba Needs To Be in Better F*ckin' Movies

In Appreciation of Michael Stuhlbarg, Awards Season MVP

Is The Adam Sandler Curse To Blame For Taylor Lautner's Lackluster Career?

It's Time to Give Up on Scott Eastwood

Jack Black Career Assessment: Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

James Franco: Pretentious Narcissist Or Inspired Renaissance Man?

Jason Statham Career Assessment | Explosive In a Non-Michael Bay Way

Jeff Goldblum Career Assessment | He Just Stares Right Back. And That's When the Attack Comes.

Jennifer Lopez Career Assessment

Jim Carrey Career Assessment

John Cazale: Pound For Found The Greatest American Actor Of All Time?

John Cusack Has Nothing Against 'Better Off Dead'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Career Assessment | He's Right Behind You, Leo!

Julia Roberts Career Assessment | So Painfully Overrated

Juliette Lewis Career Assessment | A Face Only a Captive Audience Could Love

Justin Timberlake Career Assessment | Let Me Paint this Picture for You, Baby

Karl Urban: The Glorious Frown We Don't Deserve

Kate Hudson Career Assessment: Perky and Blonde Just Don't Cut It

Kevin Bacon Career Assessment: Six Degrees of Underrated

Kiefer Sutherland Career Assessment | In the End, We All Know What We've Done

Kristen Bell Career Assessment | What Are You Doing Here?

Leonardo DiCaprio Career Assessment

Luke Wilson Has Had a Really Lousy But Successful Career

Marisa Tomei Career Assessment: A Mixed Body Of Work

Mark Ruffalo, Greatest Movie Detective Of His Generation

Mark Wahlberg Career Assessment | Seriously, What's Happening?

Matt Dillon Career Assessment | Touch Me, I'm Dick

Megan Fox Career Assessment

Men of Sex and the City Career Assessment

Michael Biehn Career Assessment: Go With Him If You Want To Live

Michael Cera Career Assessment

Michael Shannon: A Rare And Versatile Talent To Be Treasured

Miley Cyrus Career Assessment

Milla Jovovich Career Assessment | Just Give the Woman a Mul-ti-pass Already

Morgan Freeman Career Assessment | It's Not a Question of How; It's a Question of What

Movie Star Career Assessment | My Arse Bleeds For Them

Naomi Watts Career Assessment: Blank Slate or Newly Bland Actress?

Neve Campbell Career Assessment: The Reluctant Scream Queen

Nicolas Cage Career Assessment

Nicole Kidman Career Assessment | You Know The Drill

Oscar Nominees' First Notable Roles

Owen Wilson Career Assessment

Paul Rudd Career Assessment | So High So Far To Fall

Ranking Jeff Goldblum Movies Based Solely On His Sexiness

Ranking the Movies of Doug Liman

Reese Witherspoon Career Assessment: Perky Blonde Seeks Resurrection

Renee Zellweger Career Assessment | Will Find Nice Sensible Movie & Avoid Attachments With Any of the Following

Robert De Niro Career Assessment | You Shall Not (Free) Pass!

Robert Pattinson Career Assessment

Russell Crowe Career Assessment

Samuel L. Jackson Career Assessment | Still Tryin' Real Hard To Be The Shepherd

Santa Claus Career Assessment | (Almost) Nobody Shoots At Santa

Sarah Jessica Parker Career Assessment: A Glorified Clothes Hanger

Scarlett Johansson Career Assessment: Lost in Boobland

Steve Carell Career Assessment

Taylor Lautner Career Assessment | Rude Awakening? Please Hold.

The Case For Nicolas Cage: One of The Greatest Actors of His Generation

The Highest and Lowest Grossing Films Of This Year's Oscar Nominated Actors

There's a Very Credible Case To Be Made For Samuel L. Jackson Being the Greatest Actor of His Generation

This One Aspect of the Trump Administration is Actually Cause for Optimism

Vin Diesel Career Assessment: Have Muscles, Will Use Them

Vince Vaughn Career Assessment | Daddy Got the Rainman Suite & He Sh*t All Over It

We Absolutely Love What Katherine Heigl Is Doing These Days

What The Hell Has Happened To Abigail Breslin?

Why 'Magnificent Seven' Is the Closest Denzel Will Ever Get to a Superhero Movie

Why Was the Kirsten Dunst & Rodarte Sisters' Film 'Woodshock' Ignored?

Will Arnett Career Assessment | The Final Countdown?

Will Ferrell Career Assessment: Land of the Lost Career?

With 'Mudbound,' Carey Mulligan Makes Playing the Achingly Unhappy Wife Her Niche

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