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Here's an alphabetical listing of all our Career Assessments:

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Can Ryan Reynolds Be Considered a 'Movie Star' Now, Bill Simmons?

Celebrating The Greatest Movie Star That Ever Lived: Kevin Costner's 'Robin Hood' Turns 25

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Dan Aykroyd Career Assessment | Ray Has Gone Bye Bye

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint Career Assessment: One Of Three Ain't Bad

Denzel Washington Career Assessment

Diane Lane Career Assessment | Wife For Life

Farrelly Bros. Career Assessment: Spooge Only Shoots So Far

Gary Oldman Career Assessment: Simply A Bloody Good Actor

Geoffrey Rush Career Assessment: Characters Depraved and Themes Unwholesome at Best

Gerard Butler Career Assessment

Gwyneth Paltrow Career Assessment

Heather Graham Career Assessment: License to Strip

Helen Hunt Career Assessment: Let's Jump Into The Final Frontier

Helena Bonham Carter Career Assessment | The Illusion of Effortlessness Requires a Great Effort

Hey Ryan Gosling, Here Are 5 Reasons We Need You Back In Our Lives

Hugh Jackman Career Assessment: Wolverine & I Are Done, Professionally

Is The Adam Sandler Curse To Blame For Taylor Lautner's Lackluster Career?

Jack Black Career Assessment: Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Jason Statham Career Assessment | Explosive In a Non-Michael Bay Way

Jeff Goldblum Career Assessment | He Just Stares Right Back. And That's When the Attack Comes.

Jennifer Lopez Career Assessment

Jim Carrey Career Assessment

John Cusack Has Nothing Against 'Better Off Dead'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Career Assessment | He's Right Behind You, Leo!

Julia Roberts Career Assessment | So Painfully Overrated

Juliette Lewis Career Assessment | A Face Only a Captive Audience Could Love

Justin Timberlake Career Assessment | Let Me Paint this Picture for You, Baby

Kate Hudson Career Assessment: Perky and Blonde Just Don't Cut It

Kevin Bacon Career Assessment: Six Degrees of Underrated

Kiefer Sutherland Career Assessment | In the End, We All Know What We've Done

Kristen Bell Career Assessment | What Are You Doing Here?

Leonardo DiCaprio Career Assessment

Marisa Tomei Career Assessment: A Mixed Body Of Work

Mark Wahlberg Career Assessment | Seriously, What's Happening?

Matt Dillon Career Assessment | Touch Me, I'm Dick

Megan Fox Career Assessment

Men of Sex and the City Career Assessment

Michael Biehn Career Assessment: Go With Him If You Want To Live

Michael Cera Career Assessment

Miley Cyrus Career Assessment

Milla Jovovich Career Assessment | Just Give the Woman a Mul-ti-pass Already

Morgan Freeman Career Assessment | It's Not a Question of How; It's a Question of What

Movie Star Career Assessment | My Arse Bleeds For Them

Naomi Watts Career Assessment: Blank Slate or Newly Bland Actress?

Neve Campbell Career Assessment: The Reluctant Scream Queen

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Oscar Nominees' First Notable Roles

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Paul Rudd Career Assessment | So High So Far To Fall

Ranking Jeff Goldblum Movies Based Solely On His Sexiness

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Robert De Niro Career Assessment | You Shall Not (Free) Pass!

Robert Pattinson Career Assessment

Russell Crowe Career Assessment

Samuel L. Jackson Career Assessment | Still Tryin' Real Hard To Be The Shepherd

Santa Claus Career Assessment | (Almost) Nobody Shoots At Santa

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Steve Carell Career Assessment

Taylor Lautner Career Assessment | Rude Awakening? Please Hold.

The Highest and Lowest Grossing Films Of This Year's Oscar Nominated Actors

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