The 25 Worst Opening Weekends of All Time
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Zac Efron Makes His Debut Among the 25 Worst Movie Openings of All Time

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | August 31, 2015 | Comments ()


If you have a movie opening on over 2,000 screens, and it doesn’t make at least $5 million on opening weekend, it’s likely as a result of being 1) a terrible movie, and/or 2) with a horrible marketing strategy and/or 3) it has a terrible title. Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure had a potent combination of all three, and as a result, it has the worst box-office opening weekend of all time, followed by Delgo and this weekend’s newest entry into the worst openings of all time: We Are Your Friends.

Terrible movie? Check.

Bad marketing? Never saw an ad or trailer for it before attending, so check.

Bad title? I have to look it up practically every time I reference it, so it’s not memorable.

Most movies that open on over 2,000 theaters will at least grab a few people in each showing standing in the mall who buy a ticket based solely on the movie title. That wasn’t the case here. We Are Your Friends was a disaster.

Here’s the 25 Worst Opening Weekends of All Time (2,000 screens or more).

1. Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure — $445,000

2. Delgo — $511,000

3. We Are Your Friends — $1.8 million

4. P2 — $2.083 milion

5. Major League: Back to the Minors — $2.087 million

6. The Real Cancun — $2.10 million

7. College — $2.15 million

8. The Adventures of Pluto Nash — $2.18 million

9. Bandslam — $2.23 million

10. Bandslam, $2.23 million

11. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 — $2.25 million

12. Chasing Mavericks — $2.26 million

13. Deception — $2.3 million

14. I Dreamed of Africa — $2.41 million

15. Teacher’s Pet — $2.46 million

16. Grind — $2.5 million

17. Won’t Back Down — $2.60 million

18. The Rocker — $2.6 million

19. Lucky You — $2.6 million

20. From Justin to Kelly — $2.7 million

21. The Last Legion — $2.74 million

22. Thunderbirds — $2.77 million

23. Alone in the Dark — $2.8 million

24. Most Wanted — $2.83 million

25. Almost Heroes — $2.83 million


One good note on We Are Your Friends, however, was that every time I saw Wes Bentley, I thought of him as the American Beauty guy who grew up and wanted to be Wolverine.


The news was not all bad at the box office this weekend, however. Straight Outta Compton was the top film at the box office with $13.2 million and surpassed Walk the Line for the highest grossing biopic of all time. Somewhere, Jerry Heller is taking credit for this.

In the good news/terrible news department, another movie with an all-black cast managed to snag the number two spot. War Room nearly topped Compton this weekend, but the two movies could not be more different. War Room — which I assume most of our readers have never heard of — is a Christian evangelical film, and the message of it is this: If your husband beats you, cheats on your, or embezzles from his job, hide from him in a closet, pray for him to stop, and go back to him with the hope that God took care of the situation. If you prayed hard enough, it should work!

No, really. That’s the message of War Room.

Meanwhile, No Escape, the problematic (Internet Word!) movie starring Owen Wilson managed $8.3 million, which was nearly in line with expectations. More troubling is the fact that audiences didn’t hate it. It mustered a B with Cinemascore.

*Despite what it may look like from this post, and from my opinion of We Are Friends, I actually do like Zac Efron, and think he’s got some modest talent.

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  • muscleman

    Great....that means there will be pics of Zac wearing another beard.....poor girl.....and trying to score some cheap meat under a bridge.....I mean, cheap drugs......

  • Uriah_Creep

    Come on with that description of War Room. It's nowhere near April 1st!


  • Faithful Dushness

    Actually, Sing Them Blues, White Girl: The Jackie Jormp-Jomp Story is the highest grossing musical biopic. Look it up.

  • I didn't get why it was titled "We are Your Friends". It's so generic as to be useless. Particularly for a coming-of-age DJ movie.

  • theThinHam
  • orionsbelt3

    It sounds very serial killer-ish, too. It could be a slasher horror movie title... lol

  • PissBoy

    I'm not a stats guy or anything...but this last movie has landed Wes Bentley firmly entrenched in 2 of the top 5 worst openings of all time. Wasn't he a lead in P2?

  • theThinHam

    Poor, beautiful Wes Bentley, always showing up in the worst of films.

  • Stephen Nein

    RE War Room:
    "These tactics, say Alex and Stephen Kendrick in their latest “faith-based” film War Room, will bring your husband back to you, and cast Satan from your home. If you follow a precise prayer regimen (which remains vague in the film but all spelled out in supplemental materials available for purchase on the Kendricks’ website) . ."

    And the grift is on!
    Musical Accompaniment

  • Dulce et Banana

    Somewhere, Justin Guarini is reading this article and laughing maniacally.

    Four more and you'll be pushed off the bottom, man. Just four more flops.

  • Salieri2

    Eh, he's got all that (li'l) sweeet Diet Dr Pepper dough to cheer him up. He'll be fine.

  • underscoreBlake

    Dear Hollywood,

    Will you now stop trying to make Efron happen? There are already plenty of generic Caucasian actors you can choose from (with new ones added everyday) we don't need Efron.

    Thank you.

  • orionsbelt3

    He is so boring and he's not even interesting or funny in interviews (say like, Joseph Gordan Levitt or Chris Pratt or Chris Evans). He's not charismatic, he can't act, and I have no interest in watching him onscreen. He was a Disney teen actor and should have disappeared down the drain once HSM franchise ended.

  • Keira Daily

    He's been given a lot of generous favors over the last few years so I'm wondering who keeps trying to push this agenda...

  • underscoreBlake

    Probably the same ones pushing Ryan Reynolds and Jai Courtney. Sure Efron wasn't bombed as big or been given huge franchises like the latter two but I think it's time to move on.

  • WinonaRyder

    Ryan Reynolds was great in The Voices. He's usually just bad in big films.

  • underscoreBlake

    Hey I don't hate Ryan Reynolds (he's a fellow Canuck so anytime a Canadian Actor can take a job from and American one I'm all for it). He was great as Captain Excellent in Paper Man. Small films, smaller roles definitely seem to work better for him.

  • lyona5

    I feel so bad for Reynolds. He's so nice and funny but gets cast in these horrible movies.

  • AverageGIJoe
  • Dulce et Banana

    Someone get that guy a bran muffin, stat!

  • Classic

    Nope on War Room. I saw that it was number two and I was like um hell no that entire movie.

  • dizzylucy

    Ugh that War Room description makes my head hurt. I'm hoping most people who bought tickets had no idea what they were actually going to see.

    Never heard of We Are Your Friends.

    I still would like to know what happened in the studio executive offices when the $100 million budgeted Pluto Nash opened at $2.18 million.

  • I'd agree on Zac Efron. I haven't seen him do much, but I'm never disappointed in his talent. Just his movie choice.

    Except the Hairspray remake. I thought he was adorable in that, and will not be dissuaded from my opinion that it was an entertaining flick.

  • The Butt

    I don't think it's fair that "Zac Efron" is trending because this movie bombed. Why is he shouldering all of the responsibility? Sure he might've picked a bad script but he didn't make this abomination. I feel bad for the guy.

    Hashtag, Max Joseph.

  • Yeah. It's weird how we pick the one famous name we know, and then it's all "ZAC EFRON MADE THE WORST MOVIE."

  • duckandcover

    Overlord, you have Bandslam as both #9 and #10.

  • Dafuq is Bandslam? I have literally never heard of it. I've at least heard of the other failures as failures.

  • duckandcover

    It's a 2009 movie that disappeared into the ether as quickly as it came. It's about a ragtag rock group trying to make it big, iirc, and it was just a gigantic failure all around. The biggest name in it is Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical.

  • JenVegas

    Say WHAT War Room??? Whaaaat?? Come on Monday. WORK WITH ME HERE. Can we talk about Fear The Walking Dead now please?

  • Dulce et Banana

    War Room? Yes, go to the end of this aisle - the wacko flicks are on the end, it should be on the top shelf next to the Left Behind ones.

    I've seeing Fear this evening - I'd accept a little better. Season 1 shows need extra hugs. Like a non-athlete whose big brother was the quarterback. (I love the TWD characters but I'm getting a little tired of the plot line.)

  • JenVegas

    I am cautiously optimistic about Fear...2nd ep was, IMO, better than the 1st but it's still my B Team zombie show. My husband, who hates all zombie shows, asked if I'll stop watching it when TWD starts again and I couldn't give him an answer last night.

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