The 23 Directors Who Have Been Nominated for Both a Best Director Oscar and a Golden Raspberry for Worst Director
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The 23 Directors Who Have Been Nominated for Both a Best Director Oscar and a Golden Raspberry for Worst Director

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | June 3, 2013 | Comments ()


The fun news at the box office over the weekend is that the number one film was not After Earth, which combined the once unstoppable Will Smith with the once Unbreakable M. Night Shyamalan, and landed in a meager third place with $27 million. That's even worse when you consider that the budget was $130 million. In fact, After Earth unexpectedly finished even lower than Now You See Me, which beat expectations with a $28 million opening. Neither film, however, could take down last weekend's number one film, Fast and Furious 6, which added another $37 million to bring its domestic total to $170 million after 10 days (and $480 million internationally). Star Trek Into Darkness is fading, landing at number four (with a $181 million haul so far) and in fifth place, Epic's 51 percent drop was promising for an animated film with no other competition in the marketplace.

Speaking of Shyamalan -- who hasn't really had a hit since 2002's Signs -- isn't the first director, obviously, to be heralded as greatness only to deliver a disappointment, although he is likely the biggest offender, being the only Oscar nominated director, ever, to win two Golden Raspberry Awards (in fact, he's the only director to win two Raspberry Awards). But then again, the fact that M. Night has been nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Raspberry actually puts him in some pretty decent company, although there have been some very questionable choices for worst director on the Golden Raspberries part over the years.

Here are the 23 directors who have been nominated for both and Oscar and a Golden Raspberry in the Directing category.

1. M. Night Shyamalan

Best Director: The Sixth Sense.

Worst Director: Lady in the Water (win), The Happening and The Last Airbender (win).

2. Stanley Kubrick

Best Director: Barry Lyndon, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Dr. Strangelove.

Worst Director: Full Metal Jacket (What?)

3. William Friedkin

Best Director: Exorcist and The French Connection (won)

Worst Director: Cruising

4. John Huston

Best Director: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (won), Asphalt Jungle, The African Queen, Moulin Rouge, Prizzi's Honor

Worst Director: Annie

5. Richard Brooks

Best Director: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Professionals, In Cold Blood.

Worst Director: Fever Pitch (1985)

6. Hugh Hudson

Best Director: Chariots of Fire

Worst Director: Revolution

7. Michael Cimino

Best Director: Deer Hunter

Worst Director: Year of the Dragon

8. John G. Avildsen

Best Director: Rocky (won)

Worst Director: Karate Kid III, Rocky V

9. Barry Levinson

Best Director: Bugsy, Rain Man (won),

Worst Director: Toys

10. Adrian Lyne

Best Director: Fatal Attraction

Worst Director: Indecent Proposal

11. Rob Reiner

Best Director: A Few Good Men

Worst Picture: North

12. Richard Rush

Best Director: Stunt Man

Worst Director: Color of Night

13. Roland Joffé

Best Director: The Killing Fields, The Mission

Worst Director: The Scarlet Letter, Captivity

14. Kevin Costner

Best Director: Dances with Wolves (won)

Worst Director: Waterworld, The Postman

15. Stephen Frears

Best Director: The Queen, The Grifters

Worst Director: Mary Reilly

16. Oliver Stone

Best Director: JFK, Born on the Fourth of July (won), Platoon (won)

Worst Director: U Turn, Alexander

17. Gus Van Sant

Best Director: Milk, Good Will Hunting

Worst Director: Psycho

18. George Lucas

Best Director: Star Wars, American Graffiti

Worst Director: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

19. John Schlesinger

Best Director: Sunday Bloody Sunday, Midnight Cowboy (won), Darling

Worst Director: The Next Best Thing

20. Warren Beaty

Best Director: Reds, Heaven Can Wait

Worst Director: Town & Country

21. Roberto Benigni

Best Director: Life in Beautiful

Worst Director: Pinocchio

22. Martin Brest

Best Director: Scent of a Woman

Worst Director: Gigli

23. Ron Howard

Best Director: Frost/Nixon, A Beautiful Mind

Worst Director: The Da Vinci Code

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  • disqus_rCJTTYmkV8

    Wow. Sure seems to be a lot of incorrect info in this post.

  • e jerry powell

    On the bright side, there's nothing mediocre about most of these directors. They're all either really good or really bad.

  • Bodhi

    Great, now I remember that U Turn exists.

  • kirbyjay

    I was just thinking of that when I saw Color of Night on the list. All I can remember is Bruce Willis' penis floating in the pool. It was the only interesting part of that abomination.

  • Kieran

    Rob Reiner was never nominated for a Best Director Oscar for "A Few Good Men."

  • AnusTart

    She's right, it was for Best Picture

  • dizzylucy

    Sad moment- when as an adult you find out the movie you loved most as a young child (Annie) is/was considered bad enough for a Razzie.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Annie was awesome. Every musical/movie adaptation deserves a turban/bridge/helicopter musical. (Miss Saigon only had one of those things, and see, it hasn't been made into a movie yet.)

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    WTF is Kubrick doing on this list? And for FMJ!? It renders everything else null and void.

  • IngridToday

    How Shamalyan keeps getting a)lots of money for movies b)famous actors for his shit movies amazes me. How does this keep happening?
    There should be an Shamalyan award for white-washing your cast of Asian characters and then mispronouncing their names because it's the 'Asian' way to pronounce it.

  • dizzylucy

    Inexplicably his films don't do horribly at the box office. I don't get it. As for famous actors joining his films, I think they all jumped at the chance when he had a couple of good ones, and have back off since. I think this was more of Will Smith hiring him, vs. Will Smith wanting to be in a Shamalyan movie.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Toys isnt very good but i dont know if its razzie bad.

  • Dan O'Neill

    I hate to say I know this, but Warren Beatty did not director Town & Country. That "privilege" was given to Peter Chelsom.

  • They nominated Kubrick once? I don't like the Razzies anymore.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    note to self: rewatch The Grifters.

  • Nikterino

    Kubrick got a Razzie-nom for The Shining, not FMJ (he was actually nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for that one).

  • DominaNefret

    Phew. FMJ is my favorite Kubrik movie. My mom and I watched it together many times growing up.

    Because my family does nice, wholesome things together.

  • manting

    year of the dragon is a solid movie. Im pretty sure it was the first american film to tackle the triads in any meaningful way.

    Mary Rielly was also decent - cool twist on an old story

  • sean

    I was just going to say that...Year of the Dragon is actually really entertaining.

  • Nih1lus

    Costner didnt direct Waterworld, It was Kevin Reynolds

  • kirbyjay

    Yes, but Costner beat Reynolds up and sat on his head, then locked him in his trailer and then went out to the set and started directing everyone, so he kinda did.

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