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The 10 Highest Grossing "Saturday Night Live" Alums of All Time

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | October 14, 2012 |

Meanwhile, Sinister wildly overperformed, racking up $18 million on a $3 million budget. I'm stoked for co-writer C. Robert Cargill (Massawyrm at Ain't It Cool News) because, despite his affiliation with a site that uses Comic Sans, the little I know of him suggests he's one of the nicest, most genuine guys in the movie blog world, and I like it when good people succeed. Congratulations, Mr. Cargill.

I'm also happy to see that Sinister beat out Here Comes the Boom, which came in at number five with a soft $12 million opening weekend. That's two underperforming Kevin James films in a row now (Zookeeper), although both James and Adam Sandler provided voice work on Hotel Transylvania, the number four film on the weekend, crossing the $100 million mark.

Speaking of Sandler, he is expectedly among the 10 highest grossing "Saturday Night Live" alums of all time. Here's that list.

1. Eddie Murphy -- $3.8 billion lifetime gross

2. Ben Stiller -- $2.61 billion lifetime gross

3. Robert Downey, Jr. -- $2.59 billion lifetime gross

4. Dan Aykroyd -- $2.42 billion lifetime gross

5. Mike Myers -- $2.21 billion lifetime gross

6. Adam Sandler -- $2.18 billion lifetime gross

7. Will Ferrell -- $1.51 billion lifetime gross

8. Bill Murray -- $1.47 billion lifetime gross

9. Chris Rock -- $1.44 billion lifetime gross

10. Chevy Case -- $997 million lifetime gross

Elsewhere at the box office, Pitch Perfect put up another $9 million ($36 million cumulative), Looper crossed the $50 million mark, and sadly, Martin McDonaugh's Seven Psychopaths came in at only number nine with $4.2 million. I saw a double feature of Seven Psychopaths and Argo on Friday night, one of the best movie nights I've had in a very long time.

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