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The 10 Directors Who Have Accumulated the Most Box-Office Dollars Without Directing a Sequel

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | January 27, 2013 | Comments ()

In at number two, Jessica Chastain's Mama added another $12 million, and it's cumulative $48 million has put it well over the cost of production ($15 million). Silver Linings Playbook ($10 million) continues to gain momentum heading toward the Oscars, rising to number three and surpassing Zero Dark Thirty ($9.8 million) in its 11th week of release. Both films have made $69 million so far.

Jason Statham's latest, Parker was a major disappointment, debuting with only $7 million and signaling the definitive end to Jennifer Lopez's feature-film career. Meanwhile, the other new release, the deplorable Movie 43, opened with only $5 million, yet with only a $6 million budget, looks to be a revenue generator.

Interestingly, the top ten films of the week boasted no sequels among them, a rarity these days at the multiplex. In fact, sequels have become so deeply ingrained into the fabric of moviegoing that I decided to see how far I could go down the list of the highest grossing directors of all time before I could list 10 directors who have zero sequels in the filmography. The answer? 59.

Here are the 10 Directors Who Have Accumulated the Most Box-Office Dollars Without Directing a Sequel. The surprise? Roland Emmerich hasn't directed a sequel (yet, anyway, although he's been threatening one to Independence Day for years).

1. Clint Eastwood ($1.2 billion) (Gran Torino) (#13 overall)

2. Roland Emmerich ($1.1 billion) (Independence Day (#19 overall)

3. M. Night Shyamalan ($969 million) (The Sixth Sense (#28 overall)

4. Dennis Dugan ($963 million) (Big Daddy) (#29 overall)

5. Barry Levinson ($809 million) (Rain Man) (#40 overall)

6. Wolfgang Petersen ($775 million) (Perfect Storm) (#41 overall)

7. Sydney Pollack ($774 million) (Tootsie (#42 overall)

8. Mike Nichols ($722 million) (The Birdcage) (#48)

9. The Farrelly Bros. ($704 million) (There's Something About Mary) (#51)

10. Andrew Stanton ($677 million) (Finding Nemo) (#59)

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