Is "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" the New, Hipster Equivalent of "Dazed and Confused"?

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Is "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" the New, Hipster Equivalent of "Dazed and Confused"?

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | July 29, 2013 | Comments ()


There was only one major release this weekend, and that was Wolverine, the critically well received follow-up to the maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And though the people that saw Wolverine liked it far better than its predecessor, there were far few people who actually saw Wolverine. The opening weekend's $55 million was well off the $89 million of the previous entry, and that is in large part because of the damage to the franchise's reputation inflicted by Origins. But don't worry: These X-Men movies always manage to survive. Last Stand was terrible, but made a ton of money, and X-Men: First Class managed to keep the franchise alive, despite a downtick at the box office. I would not, however, bet on a Deadpool movie anytime soon. At best, Wolverine will end up a minor hit, and given Ryan Reynold's status as Hollywood's leading box-office poison, Fox is unlikely to entrust a struggling spin-off with R-Squared.

Meanwhile, in their expansions this weekend, both Fruitvale Station ($4.6 million) and The Way Way Back ($3.3 million) fared well given their screen counts, and look to be the indie hits of the summer, at least until Short Term 12 come along (I'd say that The Way Way Back is my second favorite movie of the year, but it's well behind Short Term 12).

Alas, Aubrey Plaza's The To Do List did not make much of a splash, bringing in a disappointing $1.5 million. Given that the film's budget was also only $1.5 million, it may seem like a hit, but the studio spent a ton in publicizing the movie, all to little avail. Plaza should probably stick to supporting roles in features, like her turn in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Speaking of Scott Pilgrim, I stumbled across that movie again this weekend, and I'd actually kind of forgotten just how many great people are in in, most of whom were in the formative years of their career. In fact, the wealth of up-and-coming stars in Scott Pilgrim reminded me of Dazed and Confused, the Linklater movie that also cast a lot of future stars, semi-stars, has-beens, and almost weres. Indeed, there is even some symmetry in the casts, which I've laid out below.

The Leading Man Turned Fading Memory

Jason London


Michael Cera


The I-Give-It-5-Years-Until-She's-Peaked-and-Headed-Back-Down

Joey Lauren Adams


Alison Pill


The B-Star Hottie

Milla Jovovich


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


He's In Everything! But I Never Remember Him in Anything!

Adam Goldberg

goldberg dazed.jpg

Mark Webber


The A-List Success Story

Matthew McConaughey


Anna Kendrick


The Guy That's Been Around a Few Years But Now He's Finally Going Places

Ben Affleck


Chris Evans


The Indie Queen of the Future

Parker Posey


Brie Larson


The Oh-I-Already-Forgot-About-Her

Catherine Morris


Ellen Wong

30 Years of Steady, Under-the-Radar Work

Nicky Katt


Nelson Franklin


Oh Yeah! I Forgot She Was In That!

Renee Zellwegger


Aubrey Plaza


The Nice Guy with the Unremarkable Television and Film Career

Anthony Rapp


Johnny Simmons


The One with the More Popular Brother

Marissa Ribisi


Keiran Culkin


She'll Be Great in an Ensemble!

Christine Harnos ("E.R.")

Christine Harnos.jpg

Mae Whitman ("Parenthood")


The B-Movie Dude That Was Nearly Somebody

Cole Hauser


Brandon Routh


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  • A. Smith

    2012 I used to watch this all the time kinda like Fight Club in 2002. I had to stop because you never ever want to overplay a movie even if you like it. I almost broke my rule with SP and it's not helped when you notice cast members working together almost consistently.

  • megan kelly

    I always wondered what happened to Wiley Wiggins. Texas NFA Trust

  • Anna Kendrick is A-list in our hearts. And that's what matters most.

  • stella

    Man Ellen Wong deserves better

  • AudioSuede

    I feel like this headline assumes that Dazed and Confused isn't already a hipster movie, which, factually, incorrect.

  • ruz

    Wait, you -forgot- that Aubrey Plaza was in Scott Pilgrim? It seems like some sort of Pajiba probation (Pajibrobation?) is in order...

  • Benjamin Rennells

    Holy crap, that was Ben Affleck?!

  • graceb

    I really really love Kieran Culkin and I'll watch him in anything.

  • Every time I see Cole Hauser is something I wonder why he's not in every movie. Same with Ben Foster.

  • Jezzer

    Anna Kendrick is not "A-List." Anna Kendrick is a low B, high C at the most. With, and I cannot stress this enough, walleyes and a fivehead.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I enjoyed reading that.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Maybe I'm crazy here, but Aubrey Plaza has 2 movies with leading roles, both small budget indies. Safety Not Guaranteed was lovely. I didn't really feel like seeing a movie that tries to one-up American Pie for grossness.

    What I'm saying is - maybe a little early to write Plaza off as best relegated to side-kick roles?

  • Kris

    Scott Pilgrim popped into my head when we saw Pacific Rim over the weekend. Specifically, Knives after she got her hair cut and highlighted to look like Ramona. As soon as Rinko's jaeger took its first hard hit, I thought "It knocked the highlights out of her hair!"

  • Nadine

    ...No. That's my answer to yer question. I mean, in a sense, yes. But also, noooooooo.

    (disqus has gone back to not letting me sign in, btw)

  • zeke_the_pig

    Mmm, Jovovich.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Dazed and Confused was a 1990's movie set in the '70's.

    I would go with Adventureland, a Millenial movie set in the 80's. They both had the nostalgic, summer feel to them.

    Had Jesse Eisenberg, Kristin Stewart, Martin Starr... One of the first movies for Kristin Wiig. Michael Zegen has gone on to recurring roles on Rescue Me, Boardwalk Empire (as Benney Siegel) and The Walking Dead. Ian Harding is a recurring character on Pretty Little Liars. Margareta Levieva is on Revenge. Ryan Reynolds could take the McConaughey role

    The movie has enough young unknowns that one or two could end up breaking out in the next 5 years.

  • AudioSuede

    And Bill Hader in one of his best big screen supporting roles because he's so damned funny.

  • A. Smith

    Little bit of info. Hader is the narrator to Scott Pilgrim.

  • Tinkerville

    Dammit! I completely forgot to include Mary Elizabeth Winstead on my Pajiba 10! I must now bust out my Scott Pilgrim DVD to atone for my sins.

  • toblerone

    YUP, I'm surprised I don't just submit Scott Pilgrim's cast list every year.

    Alison Pill
    Ellen Wong
    Anna Kendrick
    Aubrey Plaza
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Brie Larson
    Mae Whitman

    I can only blame Tatiana Maslany for the oversight.

    **Is anyone here actually watching the Carrie Diaries? The world needs more Knives Chau.

  • The B-Star Hottie: Milla Jovovich

    They may be b-movies, but she's opened a whole lot of them. Ryan Reynolds needs a solid b-movie franchise like she has.

  • Captain D

    This is a fair point. It's hard to justify putting Anna Kendrick as an A list success story when you've relegated Milla Jovovich to the B list. Wishful thinking much?

  • Helo

    Ryan Reynolds should then get hitched to a b-movie schlockmaster. Is Uwe Boll taken?

  • It's Hollywood - whatever it takes.

  • Helo

    I'm kind of in shock there was no attempt to include a .gif of Wiley Wiggins touching his nose.

  • Pumpkin


  • JoannaRobinson


  • Tinkerville

    She's mothereffin' Katara! Of course she's the best of the best! (I refuse to acknowledge that abomination of a film adaptation of The Last Airbender exists and therefore Mae Whitman is the one and only Katara.)

  • foolsage

    Katara ftw. Mae's also a solid Wonder Girl on "Young Justice".

  • JoannaRobinson

    First person who says "her?" gets the highlights punched out of their hair.

  • Marc Greene

    Way to plant, Mae Whitman.

  • foolsage

    Really? Because, I mean, under her school picture it said “not pictured”.

  • Helo

    She'll always be the 1st daughter in ID4 to me.

  • Her?

    Given that I'm bald as Lex Luthor, I feel safe from your vengeance.

  • foolsage

    Solidarity, brother.

  • Ofir Fishkin


  • lowercase_ryan

    *bites tongue til it bleeds*

  • Pants-are-a-must

    My love for "Scott Pilgrim" kind of come and goes. Sometimes I want to watch it every single day, and sometimes it's there on my computer and I just watch Parks and Rec instead.

  • sean

    "The A-List Success Story"? direct to internet A-list?
    Rapture-Palooza? Drinking Buddies? I like Anna Kendrick(a lot actually), but A-list isn't happening for her. She will work for several more years in smaller movies, or as the girlfriend and wife in bigger movies. Then she will hit her late 30s, and sadly disappear like so many other talented actresses.

  • Repo

    Co-starring in a Clooney flick that gets 6 Oscar noms including yourself isn't exactly DTV work.

  • sean

    And that was 5 years ago.

  • Repo

    I just think you're proclaiming her the new Mira Sorvino a touch early.

  • sean

    You know, I sort of like Mira too. Kendrick needs a Chow Yun Fat movie! Of course, we all need that.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I suspect the entire point to this article was to post about Kendrick again.

  • carey

    She's got some interesting projects going on. She just did a movie with Marjane Satrapi and she's got "The Last 5 Years" & "Into the Woods."

    I was kind of losing hope for a while there, but she seems to be hitting her stride now. I think she'll be all right. I hope.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Disappear to Broadway, you mean. And I actually think she's got staying power. I also wonder how the hell a TV show hasn't nabbed her yet. She seems perfect for the medium.

  • sean

    Actually that would be great. Movies suck these days.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I see the comparisons, but the main difference between the two films is that I'll watch Dazed again. And again. Etc. Etc.

  • Couldn't have said it better myself. Dazed and Confused is a seminal film that speaks to teenagers across generations. Scott Pilgrim is a below-average mess that didn't impress for 20 minutes, let alone 20 years.

  • Guest


  • Martin Schneider

    No. The answer is no, it isn't.

  • Alex

    Not sure if that's a Renee Zellwegger joke or...

  • pajiba

    You're right. Initially, I HAD inadvertently used a picture of Adams as Zellwegger. I caught it in edit, but I thought it was kind of funny, so I left it to see if anyone would even notice (You did!) I think JoRo changed it over night, though (thanks, Jo!)

  • Jenn TheYellowDart

    I thought the exact same thing :)

  • Laura Cox Witherington

    I thought the same thing. IMDb lists her, but I think that pic is Joey Adams.

  • Nadine

    Since the film has existed, Renee has been listed as a cast member. General consensus is she is either in the background of some scenes and gets mentioned only because of how famous she later became, OR, she was in it but her scenes were cut. But she's always been referred to as being in it.

    D&C is one of my favourite films, I've seen it a bajillion times and never been able to spot her that I'm certain of. I've had scenes when I've been convinced I finally saw her but it also could have been Joey, so...

    But she's always been listed in the cast, it's so weird.

  • treatment_bound

    Renee is in the movie VERY briefly, as she walks by the boys as they're standing next to the wall outside The Emporium.

  • kirbyjay

    She was in Parker Posey's clique. JLA hung with other girls.

  • jokocicutyqi

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    They may be b-movies, but she's opened a whole lot of them. Ryan Reynolds needs a solid b-movie franchise like she has.

  • nosio

    What's more, it's the same picture of Joey Adams used farther above in the list, only not zoomed in as closely.

  • kirbyjay

    That is Renee Zellweger sitting on the car, not Joey Lauren Adams. She was in two scenes but no lines.
    They have different shirts on in the two pics.
    Interesting tidbit, and I'm kind of ashamed to know it, but RZ lived with Rory Cochrane for a while before she became famous. Not sure if she met him making the movie or he got her a non-speaking part.

  • abby725

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  • nosio

    Whoa, I swear I'm not crazy, but when I first saw this post last night, the picture for Renee Zellweger was different - it was another shot IN the car - and now it's the picture of her in the striped shirt ON the car looking distinctly Zellwegerish.

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