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By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | November 10, 2008 |

6. Soul Men: ($5.6 million): It’s fortunate, really, that so few people bothered to see Soul Men. Bernie Mac’s death isn’t marred too terribly by it, and Sam Jackson’s reputation isn’t tarnished. It’s a funny thing about Sam Jackson, too. He makes some terrible fucking movies (see, e.g., The Man, Cleaner, Basic, Amos & Andrew) but when he does, no one sees them, so his rep remains intact. Indeed, is there any actor who makes as many bad movies as Sam Jackson and yet is still held in as high regard? This guy is Nic Cage, but no one fucking notices. Or cares.

5. Zack and Miri Make a Porno ($6.5 million; $20.3 million): Apparently, there are a finite number of Kevin Smith fans. They see his movies, and no one else does. Here, once again, a Kevin Smith film looks to top out between $25 million and $30 million. The bad news: That looks like it may be Smith’s ceiling. The good news: He can make anything he fucking wants, and can rest comfortably knowing that he’s gonna hit $30 million.

4. Changeling: ($7.2 million; $20.5 million): This is plain ignorance on my part, but I didn’t know that Clint Eastwood has been directing for as long as he has. I’d always dumbly assumed that his directing career began with Unforgiven, but Eastwood has directed now just as many films after Unforgiven as he had before. I can not-so-proudly say, however, that I’ve never seen a pre-Unforgiven film directed by Eastwood — in fact, I’ve barely heard of most of them, though most did fare well at the box-office.

3. High School Musical 3: Senior Year: ($9.2 million; $75 million): Now the 7th highest grossing musical of all time! *sigh*

2. Role Models ($19.2 million): If you loved the Paul Rudd dance on “The Daily Show,” then know this: He does the same dance in Role Models. Get some white boy, y’all:

1. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: ($63 million): Madagascar 2, which was dedicated to the memory of Bernie Mac, gets the fourth highest opening weekend of 2008. Here’s an amusing note: It’s also the 8th highest holiday weekend opening of all time. How many non-governmental workers or non grade-school students even knew it was a holiday weekend? I certainly didn’t. But, tomorrow is Veterans Day. How many of you get it off?

Fun Fact: There are no fun facts about Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

The third movie in the Madagascar trilogy is set to open in 2011.

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Box Office Round-Ups | November 10, 2008 | Comments ()

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