Box Office Results 3/16/10
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Back Down the Rabbit Hole

By William Goss | Box Office Round-Ups | March 16, 2010 | Comments ()


Despite being faced with four fresh arrivals, Johnny Depp Break-Dancing in Wonderland managed a hearty hold of $62.7 million in its second weekend, all but guaranteeing that an official sequel to this unofficial sequel has already been green-lit and then some. Speaking of green, Paul Greengrass' Green Zone didn't open well despite its Bourne-centric marketing, taking in $14.3 million and yet almost outgrossing the entire theatrical run of Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker in the process.

Third place went to R-rated romp of the week She's Out of My League, whose $9.8 million doesn't bode tremendously well for Jay Baruchel's future bids to be a popular male lead. Shutter Island hung around in fourth with $8.1 million; with a total of $108 million in the bank, only The Departed has done more for Marty. Oddly enough, the Robert Pattinson weep-fest Remember Me landed down in fifth with $8 million. Maybe the next time he's keen on exploiting recent tragedy for tears, they'll throw a werewolf for good measure.

Our Family Wedding bowed in sixth place with $7.6 million (that is to say, anyone and everyone who might pay to see a goat gobble Viagra and then attack Forest Whitaker). That pesky Avatar held on in seventh with $6.5 million, Brooklyn's Finest dropped to eighth with $4.4 milllion, Cop Out claimed ninth with $4.3 million and The Crazies wrapped things up to the tune of $3.7 million. And here I thought that, if anyone wanted to see some crazies, they just had to buy a ticket to Wonderland ...

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