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February 20, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Books | February 20, 2009 |

I read this book by listening to the book on CD while I read along. I love the sensation of someone reading to me as I follow along, so this was a good read/listen.

As I was listening to most of this, I kept thinking to myself, “This sounds really familiar. I’ve heard this before.” At the beginning of the book, the author mentions how this book is based on a series of recordings from the beginning of their career. I’ve been a big fan of their work since I first learned about them in 2003ish. I was sure I’d heard bits and pieces of the recordings before, but I didn’t recognize this book as the compilation of those recordings until I would hear a story I’d heard maybe four or five years ago.

None of the information was new to me, but since I had never read/listen to it all in one sitting, I never fully grasped what it was saying. It suddenly made much more sense than before when reading while listening to it all at once. This does not mean that I have mastered any of what was presented, because it is a subject that is best studied continually to maintain the understanding of it. It’s not like math where once you learn how to add numbers, you’ll always be able to add. With this type of information presented in the book, you can read it over and over and you will get a deeper and deeper understanding each time you read it. But if you read a book like this just once and never revisit the topic, you may gain insight for a few days, but then regular life will set back in.

I love this book and will continue to read it over and over while gaining new info each time. Here are some nuggets of wisdom that stuck out to me on this read through, heavy, heavy plagiarism:

- Try to Meditate everyday. For 15 minutes each day, sit in a quiet room, wear comfortable clothing, and focus on your breathing. And as your mind wanders, and it will, just release the thought and focus back on your breathing.

- If you want something in your life to change quicker, you simply need to give it more attention - the LOA (law of attraction) takes care of the rest and brings to you the essence of the subject of your thought.

- It is best when you give thought to what you want, so much thought, and such clear thought, that you summon positive emotions within you. The thought that are thought in combination with the felling of strong emotions are the most powerful.

-In order to effect true positive change in your experience, you must disregard how things are - as well as how others are seeing you - and give more of your attention to the way you prefer things to be.

- For 15 to 20 minutes max each day, it is a good idea to go into a “Creative Workshop” ~ creative visualization. It’s important you feel happy first, any uplifted or lighthearted feeling will do. Your work in the workshop is to bring data you’ve collected throughout the day together in a sort of picture of yourself, one that reflects what you want to have, be, do. Then you visualize having the things you want to have. The goal is to get clearer and clearer about what would make you happy in life. Specific enough to cause positive emotion but not too specific that you cause negative emotions within you.

- Whenever you feel negative emotions, it is helpful to stop and acknowledge what you were thinking about. Negative emotion only exists when you are miscreating. When you recognize that you are feeling negative emotion, no matter how it got there, no matter what the situation is, stop doing whatever it is that you are doing and focus your thoughts on something that feels better.

- If someone is in your life, you have attracted them. And while it is sometimes difficult to believe, you also attract everything about your experience with them - for nothing can come into your experience without your personal attraction of it.

- You can be of great assistance to others as you see what they want to be, and as you uplift then to what they want to have through your words and through your attention to that.

- If you don’t know where to being to figure out what you want in life, tell yourself everyday, several times a day “I want to know what I want.” Begin somewhere, and let the LOA deliver to you examples and choices, and then the more you think about those choices, the more passionate you will be.

- When you are taking action in your now, and it is not action based in joy, it is a promise that it will not lead to a happy ending. It cannot, because that would defy the LOA.

- A good exercise is to take three pieces of paper, and at the top of each one write the thing that you want. On the first page, beneath the subject, write: “These are the reasons that I want this …” Write whatever comes to mind, whatever flows forth naturally. Do not try to force it. When nothing else comes to mind, your done with that page. Now, turn the page over and write at the top of the second side: “These are the reasons I believe I will have this …”

- You allow what you want into your life by expecting it, by believing it, and by letting it be. All that is necessary is that you want something, and continue to expect it until you have it, and it will be yours.

-Giving your attention to what is important to you, while you will allow others to be that which they want to be, is very important. To give your attention to yourself, while you allow them to give their own attention to themselves, is a very important process in getting the life you want.

- Make a decision that no matter what you are doing in a day, no matter who you are interacting with, no matter where you are, that your dominant intent will be to look for those things that you want to see. If every morning for the next 30 days, you begin your day by saying: “I intend to see; I want to see; I expect to see, no matter who I am working with, no matter who I am talking with, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing … I intend to see that which I want to see,” you will shift your focus to the positive, and the LOA will replace the things that displease you with things you do want.

- It is a good practice to do “Segment Intending” as you move throughout your day. It is the process of deliberately identifying what you specifically want for each moment in time. When you consider many subjects at the same time, you generally do not move forward strongly toward any of them, for your focus and your power is diffused, whereas if you are focusing upon what is most important in any point in time, you move forward more powerfully toward that.

- Examples of segments are when you wake up in the morning, when you get out of bed, when you make breakfast, when you get in your car to go to work, when the phone rings, etc.

- The value of Segment Intending is that you pause many times during the day to say, this is what I want from this segment of my life. I want it and I expect it. An example is when you are going to sleep at night, lying there with your head on the pillow, you would set forth the intention: It is my intention for my body to completely relax. I intent to wake up rested, refreshed, and eager to begin my day. Another example is while making breakfast set forth: I will select and prepare nutritious food, eat it in joy, and allowing my wonderful body to digest and process it perfectly.

- In the physical world, you cannot have a physical experience until you have created it first in thought. And so, the Creative Workshop is the place where you give you deliberate thought to, and where you begin the attraction of, the thing or things that you want.

- The majority of your negative emotion could be eliminated if, in those times what you are alone, you would focus upon what you now want to think about. When you feel negativity coming on, treat it with segment intending and say: This will be brief, and I will not lose my train of thought. I will not lose the momentum that I have set forth. I will deal with this quickly and efficiently, and I will get on with what I was doing.

- If you want prosperity and you believe that you deserve it, and you expect it to come to you just because you want it to, there is no contradiction in your thinking - and the prosperity will flow. …Pay attention to how you are feeling as you are offering your thoughts so you can sort out the contradictory thoughts, and as you eliminate the contradictions regarding anything that you desire, it must come to you.

- People torture themselves unnecessarily, by not taking the time to clean up their thoughts and focus them. Simply give thought to what is preferred, consistently throughout the day, and the LOA will take care of everything else.

- You will be rooted like a tree in your life as long as you are seeing only what-is, and you will not grow beyond it. You must be allowed to see what you want to see if you will ever attract what you want to see. Attention to what-is only creates more of what-is.

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Books | February 20, 2009 |

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