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December 2, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Books | December 2, 2008 |

Now we’re getting into the book club level of review, where four or five people are going to read the same book. And this, frankly, is why I’m doing the Cannonball Read. It’s awesome to think that so many people are sharing the same adventures all across the globe and interwebs right now. Of course we’re going to be influenced by each other’s choices, and want to read them. Christ, I’ve already filled a list with next year’s 100, based mostly on the second and third books offered by authors I’ve just been introduced to. And since this has the double distinction of being a Pajiban reviewed tome, it’s going to have a lot of people clamoring to read it’s pages.

My thoughts, I will be brief. This was sort of a more introspective version of The Venture Brothers, offering an almost intimate look into the mindset of superheroes and supervillains. It’s a field that I am very interested in. Not just your Batmans and Supermans and their ilk, but the day to day reality. Their foibles, their worries, their problems. I remember contemplating writing a play where a Supermanesque hero has to go to court for all the minor civil matters brought up against him by the collateral damage he created saving the day. A guy sues him for medical bills because after he smashed the meteor back into outerspace, he threw it casually into a parked car where he was drinking coffee, giving him whiplash and burns on his chest and lap. So he presses charges, to get monetary damages.

I love thinking about stuff like that. How do superheroes date? Who decides to become a supervillian? I was working on an entire collage of plays that were all little 5-minute vignettes about crimefighters. But it dealt with the day to day absurdities. And then fucking “Heroes” comes along and completely ruins my chances. It made me as mad as the day that I came up with the concept of people being murdered like the hook killer and stuffing babies in ovens, only to find this poor man’s party called Urban Legend on the big screen. Fuck you, Rebecca Gayheart. It was my love first.

Much has been written already for the Cannonball about Soon I Will Be Invincible, and I can only add my hearty recommendation to the already growing pile of accolades. It’s a fresh voice in a nice genre.

This review is part of the Cannonball Read series. Details are here and the growing number of participants and their blogs are here.

Cannonball Read / Brian Prisco

Books | December 2, 2008 |

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