Runaways Volume 1: Pride & Joy by Brian K. Vaughan

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Cannonball Read V: Runaways Volume 1: Pride & Joy by Brian K. Vaughan

By Ashlie | Book Reviews | May 1, 2013 | Comments ()


I haven't read many comics or graphic novels, just a few here and there including Watchmen, Y the Last Man, and all of Lord Whedon's "Season 8/Season 9″ series. This came to me as the suggestion of a fellow nerd who has similar taste to myself. I was eager to start it, and cannot wait to read the next volume.

Runaways Volume 1: Pride & Joy follows six youngsters who learn that their parents are a part of a secret organization in service to creatures determined to destroy the earth. The parents are evil-ish, depending on your take on their motives and actions. That is left up to the reader. The story is set in the Marvel universe and I get a particular thrill from references to Captain America, Cloak and Dagger, and Stark Industries, to name drop a few.

The illustrations are great, the dialogue witty and true to that of kids/teenagers and how they would react to such a drastic altering of their reality. "How is it possible that our parents lied to us? Lets see: Santa, the Tooth Fairy,the Easter bunny,um, God. You're the prettiest kid in school. This wont hurt a bit. Your face will freeze like that..."


Great read and an abrupt "coming of age" for six kids/teens who have to decide what to do when everything they thought they knew about the world, and their parents, is wrong. I highly recommend this series to fellow nerds comic enthusiasts, and people that wish deep down that their parents were evil-ish masterminds.

(Oh, and Mr. Whedon himself recommends it, if you take stock in such things. Like I do.)

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  • Steve

    Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to read this for a while. I might even have an unopened copy of the first trade on my shelf. If not, now that I'm on a digital comic binge after getting an iPad, Comixology will be my first order of business when I get home. Good to know it delivers on the premise (and my lofty expectations of BKV).

  • Gregory Allen

    This series took one of the greatest nose dives in history. I almost asked for a refund for the final volume, where the series turned into a horrible comedy act, the characters all looked like Bratz dolls, and Nico (who, remember, is not 18 yet) suddenly grew double-d boobs in an attempt at more nerd j/o material. I'd stop at Whedon's edition, since it's all mostly good up to there.

  • Great review and great choice of subject. Although I would probably end it at volume 1 if I were you. They aren't all bad (especially Whedon's turn) but they are certainly missing a lot of Vaughan's magic.

  • Patrick Garcia

    This is cool, would love to see more comic book/graphic novel reviews on Pajiba.

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