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January 28, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Books | January 28, 2009 |

Total man crush. Fuck it that he’s married, bullocks to his kid. He’s passionate, foul mouthed and watching him baste a steak with butter just makes my panties wet (those chef pants? commando. chef’s are hot).

Hormonal reactions aside, he’s a man I can respect professionally. He eats and breathes passion about food on his table or yours. And if you’re not passionate about food stay out of the fucking kitchen. After reading this, I see that the passion obviously didn’t come from family influence (drifting, grifting, musician dad, mom abused, living in caravans) and food wasn’t his first passion, soccer was.

I love food memoirs. Kitchen Confidential wasn’t a revelation for me. I spent quality time in kitchens and under chefs (stop right there) and up until I fucked my back up I was putting serious thought into the Culinary Institute of America. And yes, pre-food network most kitchens were just as he described. Dirty, sexy and drug fueled. Most still are.

Surprisingly Ramsey wasn’t one of the chemical brothers of the knife, nor was Marco Pierre White (raging fucking lunatic, megalomaniac, paranoid and fucking brilliant). Jesus, I can’t imagine what Ramsey would have been like if he was a hedonist like Bourdain (shudder).

So what did I get out of this one? Well, I’m getting rather well versed in British profanity use, for one. But I actually look at this as more of a management book, between reading this and watching some of “Kitchen Nightmares” I gave myself a real professional kick to the ass. The man is all about accountability, plain and simple. No excuses, only reasons. If you aren’t passionate enough about something to fight or quality then you need to get the hell out. You don’t float or drift in Ramsey’s restaurant group, you learn or you leave.

It’s a fun read too, pick it up. Makes a great man gift.

Oh, and pick up his cookbooks, they are amazing. Asshole or not, the man gives good instruction.

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Cannonball Read / Andrea

Books | January 28, 2009 |

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