Matchless by Gregory Maguire
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Cannonball Read IV: Matchless by Gregory Maguire

By loveallthis | Book Reviews | November 20, 2012 | Comments ()


I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas. And while I've gotten into the holiday spirit by learning carols and the appropriate pop tunes, there are certain stories, like "The Little Match Girl", that just never made it into my life in any meaningful way. So perhaps Matchless and I were never meant to get along.

I'm developing an interesting sort of relationship to Gregory Maguire's work. Wicked is one of my all-time favorites, a read-it-every-couple-of-years classic. I quite enjoyed Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, as well as Mirror, Mirror, and Lost is totally bizarre and meandering but still has enough of that Maguire je ne sais quoi to make it a good, compelling read. On the flip side, the Wicked sequels (Son of a Witch and A Lion Among Men) were terribly disappointing - though I'm holding out hope that Out of Oz - on my list for this year - will be good.

Maguire's like a boyfriend who flew me to Paris for a whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime weekend, and then bought me a few crepes... and now just blows cigarette smoke in my face. It's hard not to pick up the phone when he calls... what if he wants to go back to Paris?

I didn't like this book. One star for the illustrations.

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  • blackheart

    Terrible review.

    "I didn't like this book."

    Seriously? That's it? No explanation as to why? loveallthis is disappointed with her imaginary romantic relationship with Maguire? She didn't grow up celebrating Christmas? What?

    This is lazy writing and even lazier reviewing at its most blatant.

    Who screens the content on this site these days?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I've celebrated Christmas all m life, and the Little Matchstick Girl doesn't figure in anywhere.

    I'm sure I read HCA story once up on a time, but can't remember it.

  • KatSings

    I didn't realize there was a Maguire book that I didn't own. Sounds like I should skip this one. Honestly, I can't take the story seriously anymore. When I was in college, we used to have these late nights in my dorm, where a group of us would chill out and talk till the sun came up. Sometimes this made us a little...punchy. I was studying Lit of Childhood at the time, so I had a copy of Hans Christian Andersen on hand, and we started reading that story, and I swear to God, we laughed so hard and so inappropriately at that little girl's misery that we were weeping. It has never been the same.

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