Heat Rises by Richard Castle
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Cannonball Read IV: Heat Rises by Richard Castle

By Tereasa | Book Reviews | November 27, 2012 | Comments ()


One of my television guilty pleasures is "Castle" on ABC. Yes, it has its issues with formula episodes and sometimes rather cheesy plots, but it's mostly just fun. I still think ABC having a ghost writer create these books is a fantastic marketing move, and Heat Rises is the third book of the Nikki Heat series, "written" by Richard Castle. As a tie-in to a network TV show it does its job well by referencing events and mirroring character traits. As a standalone crime novel, I found the mystery to be very compelling, although at times confusing.

We begin with Jameson Rook being gone on a long research trip, and Nikki Heat missing him but questioning the nature of their relationship. She also recently took the written portion of the Lieutenant's exam looking for the rare promotion and pay increase. Nikki and her force are soon called to check on a murdered priest found in a bondage club.

The priest is really only a catalyst to the twisting mystery and plot lines in this novel. There is corruption, entanglements, more murder, relationships, revenge and politics playing roles in the investigation. I find the book really hits the mark when Nikki is removed from duty and partners with Rook to work the investigation unofficially. In the end loose ends are tied up (with the exception of the cliffhanger) and Nikki remembers who she works for: the Victim.

My guess is that the ghost writer of the second book returned for the third. The first Nikki Heat book, Heat Wave was a fun romp and fluff. These last two books have been more serious mystery novels with detailed action writing and steamy foreplay and afterglow, which remind me of the Michael Connelly books I've read. Even with a more serious tone the Richard Castle books are a pleasure.

This review is part of the volunteer Cannonball Read IV. Read all about it, and find more of Tereasa's reviews on the group blog.

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  • Purplejebus

    I know this is almost an independant thread and everybody is in Bunny Foo-foo love for Nathan Fillion, but by reviewing this and dumping on Twilight you lose all credibility.
    Can't believe you tarts have me defending Twilight. Off to the showers...

  • Lauren_Lauren

    Wow, plastic and shiny . . . but it's bad shiny, not shiny shiny . . .

  • denesteak

    I read the first and second books because I love Nathan Fillion so much! The first was great, second was kind of bleh in comparison. The second one actually made me realize that I just rather sit through a marathon of Castle episodes than read the books.

    I probably won't read this, but I'm glad someone else is willing to suffer through the (frankly terrible) writing just to picture Castle acting all Fillion-y when reading.

    Yea, Stana Katic ain't amazing, but she's so pretty and the array of COATS that the wardrobe crew puts her in makes me very happy.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I still watch Castle, even though I don't read mystery novels. It's Fillion love.

    That being said, they did a marathon of the first season the day of Hurricane Sandy, and that first season is so much more fun than what it's become.

  • Darlene

    OT, all this reminds me of is that Nathan Fillion needs to lose about 20lbs, maybe 30. Since Castle got successful, he's gotten really lax about his appearance. If Stana Katic had piled on 20lbs since the start of the show, I feel certain producers would have intervened or they would have found a new female lead.

  • Natallica

    A new haircut wouldn't hurt either. He's great looking, but his hair looks very 80's mexican telenovela to me

  • lowercase_ryan

    True, but Esposito and Ryan are my favorite characters on the show.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    You are not the only one I know who thinks that! I've got a friend who wants them to have a spin-off.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I have a hunch that they only work as secondary characters, but for some reason I just think they are great together. In fact I've really come to like the rest of the cast more than Fillion.

  • Darlene


  • Irina

    I'm gonna be the bad guy and say it: Stana Katic was hired exclusively based on her looks, so losing them would be a deal-breaker. Her acting has improved this season but at first she was terrible.
    Agreed on Fillion standing to drop a few pounds though. Give us Captain Tightpants back!

  • BWeaves


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