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Cannonballers, You're in Luck! Wrapping Up Cannonball Read 5

By Mswas Sawsm | Book Reviews | January 8, 2014 | Comments ()


When the “no books=no sex” world comes to be, these Cannonballers will have nothing to worry about. With 3,720 books read and reviewed by 333 participants on the group blog, Cannonball Read 5 has gone out with a bang! That’s 557 books more than Cannonball Read 4, since we are counting. Check out the Best of 2013 and the Worst of 2013 posts to see our most favorite and hated books from the year.

A big huzzah for Jen K who made it to 52 first! You can read her winning review of Wool by Hugh Howey which appeared here in May last year.

43 Cannonballers met or exceeded their original goal from registration, and 10 people exceeded their original goal by at least 10 books. Of those 10, two participants this year achieved a triple Cannonball, meaning at least 156 books read and reviewed. Those people are Travis Jarrod Smith with 183 and Malin with 156. Jen K herself made it the closest to a triple with 148. Just eight books away from a triple, Jen, you slacker! See our the full tally below, totaled as best as I could. If I miscounted somewhere, please get in touch with me.

Though they are technically in the bottom of the list, I’d like to recognize our two Junior Cannonballers, BunnyBean and joemyjoe. Pajibans commented thoughtfully on joemyjoe’s review of The Hobbit, so thanks for encouraging this young reader. I missed getting one of BunnyBean’s reviews up here this year (sorry BB!!), so I link you instead to my favorite review of hers - go leave her a comment! They’ve signed up for CBR6 already, so you can follow these kids’ reading adventures further.

If you caught our recent review here of the first Harry Potter book, you already know about the Harry Potter Medicinal Reread (MR), started by one of our Cannonballers, narfna. If you missed that post, go take a look at “The Boy Who Lived.” The MR is a very thorough review, chapter-by-chapter of this series by 14 different bloggers, and it deserves some love!

One of my favorite parts of moderating CBR is when authors tweet or get in touch with Cannonballers. In CBR5, we heard "Thanks" and more from our new CBR darling, Rainbow Rowell (see Best of CBR5), who tweeted us TWICE, once about narfna’s review of Fangirl, and Scootsa1000’s review of Eleanor and Park. The other 14 authors who responded to us are listed alphabetically below:

Follow us on Twitter and check out our favorite tweets as we move into Cannonball Read 6.

Yes that’s right, SIX! Our Cannonballers have already raced headlong into another Read, and our new group blog is hopping with xxx at the time of this post. This year reviews won’t be posted in full here, but links to our featured reviews on our new group blog site will appear every day in the Pajiba Love posts. Every time you visit the site you generate a small amount of ad revenue which we donate to the American Cancer Society in AlabamaPink’s name. All of our book links to amazon.com on that site also generate revenue that goes into our donation as well. So visit often, find some good book recommendations, and F—- Cancer!

Our final tally of our Cannonballer’s accomplishments is listed below. There’s still time to sign up and be just like them… awesome and totally doable!

TRIPLE Cannonball (156 Books or more)
Travis Jarrod Smith - 183
Malin - 156

Double Cannonball (104+ Books)
jennp421 - 148
Popcultureboy - 106
Sweetpsychosis - 105
Lady Cordelia - 104
narfna - 104
Valyruh - 104

Whole Cannonball (52+ Books)
badkittyuno - 101
Mrs. Julien - 88
loulamac - 82
The Mama - 80
bonnie - 77
Sophia - 70
sonk - 65
alwaysanswerb - 63
Caitlin - 62
Not Prince Hamlet - 60
Rachie - 59
KayKay - 56
HelloKatieO - 53
KatSings - 53
Lisa Bee - 53
Lollygagger - 52
Jamie Pomerhn - 52
Captain Tuttle - 52
ElCicco - 52
Polyphonist - 52
reginadelmar - 52
Scootsa1000 - 52
Shucks Mahoney - 52
taralovesbooks - 52

Half Cannonball (26+ Books)
ScurffyRube - 43
ABR - 26
Arya of Winterfell - 26
Owlcat - 26
baxlala - 26
Even Stevens - 26
llp - 26
loveallthis - 26
Rochelle - 26
Shaman - 26
Black Rabbit - 18
KimMiE” - 13
SorryTelevision - 47
Ashlie - 40
pyrajane - 37
Sara Habein - 36
DoingDewey - 30
faintingviolet - 29
Nancy42 - 29

Quarter Cannonball (13+ Books)
Fofo - 25
Mrs Smith - 24
lyndamk - 22
Julia - 21
Kash - 18
xoxoxoe - 17
lgesin - 16
teresaelectro - 16
Tony Maxwell - 15
Jack - 15
Petalfrog - 14
TroublesomeTots - 14
funkyfacecat - 13
geekchicohio - 13

Cannonballers who wrote between one and twelve reviews, listed alphabetically:
Amanda W
Angela Baldwin
Angela Walsh
Aunt Ada Doom
Awake And Awkward
Bea Pants
Carly Marta
Casey T
Doctor Controversy
Erin Sullivan
Hira Sayem
Jessica Dawn
Joe G.
Kathleen Coyle
Kathleen Jaffe
Kelly Anne Williams
Kip Mooney
Leanna Moxley
Martin Jensen
Miss Kate
No Pithy Name
The Ging
Tyburn Blossom

(Note: Any revenue generated from purchases made through the amazon.com affiliate links in any of our reviews will be donated in entirety to the American Cancer Society.)

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  • llp

    Also, congratulations to BunnyBean and joemyjoe - good reading this year, guys! I might get my son to do a few reviews, as he is a voracious reader too.

  • llp

    Kristopher Jansma has also been really responsive to Twitter people in references to his book, including me. He seems fun.

  • Berry

    I just posted my first ever CBR review not five minutes ago. It was nerve-wrecking. I've read two books so far this year, but as the another one hasn't been translated to English, there seems to be little point in reviewing it.

  • The Mama

    I reviewed a book last year called Beautiful Bastard. Also, one called White Trash Beautiful.
    If THOSE count, then surely a book in another language counts. Actually, that should count for two.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Books finished for spite and Cannonball honesty should garner extra credit, too.

  • Mrs. Julien

    YAY! and go ahead. Other people have reviewed books that weren't written or read in English.

  • mswas

    Yes, in fact I did have someone else who asked about it, and I replied to them, as I do to you, YES they are allowed. Read what you want, and write to your heart's content.

  • Guest

    In this “no books=no sex” world does quality of the books / authors count or just quantity?

  • mswas

    According to Mr. Waters' quote, it's quantity. You have to have books to get laid.

  • Berry

    How many is enough, though? Because I know lots of people who only own less than five books. (To be fair, books are expensive here.) That can't be enough, right?

  • mswas

    I think you'd have to ask to see a library card in that case.

  • Guest

    I think amendments should be in order to Waters quote but strictly going by the spirit of it you are correct. I will redact my initial post.

  • Mrs. Julien

    What if I have a lot of books ABOUT getting laid?

  • mswas

    Then you get to have a threesome.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Have you met me? You have met me. You met me at The Met. Having met me at The Met, please rate on a scale of 1 to 43 how much you would anticipate I would like to meet two hale fellows well met in that kind of scenario.

  • Malin

    I love you. Purely platonically, but I felt it needed to be said.

  • mswas

    If John Waters comes into your home and sees all of those books, I bet you'll get THAT DRESS from the Met.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Photos really don't do it justice.

  • Mrs. Julien

    This is a valid question that I would like to see addressed.

  • iamahammerheadshark

    I am more concerned with whether e-readers count. I want to see stacks of real books and not a Kindle. Something about digital readers leaves these lions decidely unmoistened.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I read my *cough* genre fiction almost exclusively on an e-reader. Fortunately, we have enough "real" books to compensate.

  • BWeaves

    Congratulations to all! My private library salutes you!

    Yes, I turned my useless living room into my private library. I hope to read more books as soon as I retire, but that's a few years away yet.

  • Le sigh. Truth be told, while I love the CBR, I have failed to post my committed number of reviews for two years running - even though I only signed on for the Quarter Cannonball last year. I hesitate to commit to this year.

    It's one thing to read the books, it's an entirely different thing to write up and post the reviews.

  • No Pithy Name

    I am in total agreement. 117 books read, one review.

  • Antique (webelos8)

    I read a shit ton, reviewed only 8. I've got one up so far this year though. GO ME. :\

  • Cannonball reviews have become my "go to" place for great book recommendations. Now that you've got the Amazon links embedded in reviews, I hope to contribute mightily to the F-Cancer fund!

  • birdgal

    I actually did a half canonball in 2013 without planning on it--guess I should have signed up!

  • mswas

    There's still time for CBR6!

  • Mrs. Julien

    I signed up for 26, finished 88, and somehow feel like a slacker for not completing 104. The CBR can be quite the mind game.

  • beletseri

    If it makes you feel better I signed up for a quarter, read 54 and reviewed less than a quarter.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I let it go some time in December. I was trying to get to 1.75 and realised I could just hoarde those last couple of reviews for CBR6. I'm nothing if not practical.

  • alwaysanswerb

    If it helps, I have your shameful tally permanently bookmarked.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Did you see the new one for 2014? I have added a post of my "best" worst reviews.


  • alwaysanswerb


  • Malin

    How are you a slacker? You more than tripled your original goal. That's frankly better than I managed, as my original goal was a double Cannonball. You should totally look at this in terms of percentages, not actual number of books read and reviewed. :)

  • Mrs. Julien

    If you have not deduced by this point in our relationship that I am completely deranged, I really cannot help you.

  • Malin

    See my response further down.

  • Mrs. Julien

    And I you.

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